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The Mystical Empress philosophy is “Art is the way you live your life. Life is the canvas.  Change provides the colors.”. The Mystical Empress, Brenda Renee’, brings her joy for life and creativity to guide teenagers and adults in creating their own unique life expression.  Each person’s individuality is supported in a fun and magical experience of learning.  Each life path is honored and guided to its fullest potential.

The Mystical Empress offers pre-adults and adults creative solutions through: Private Holistic Life Coaching, Astrological Chart Analysis, Feng Shui by Design, Soul Guidance Readings, and Quantum Connection Workshops. With our all inclusive Quantum Life Coaching, you will be guided through several techniques such as Quantum Connecting, Abstract Art Journaling, Inner Child Play, Creative Visualization Shamanic Journeys, Nature Balancing, Animal Totems, Crystals and Gemstones, and Aromatherapy.

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