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Mystical Empress Magical Relationships Electional Astrology, when to publish a book

January 19, 2018

MEMR Electional ChartAs a professional astrologer, I could NOT publish my first book without sneaking in a few hours to configure an electional astrology chart!  Electional astrology charts are used for the inception of important events as well as starting businesses.  So, with my astrology as well as numerology knowledge on tap, I proceeded to calculate the perfect timing for my book’s birth between now and the first of February.

Electional Charts are not easy to do because there are so many factors involved.  If we have a general idea of when we would like to begin our “event”, we can go right into calculating a computerized natal chart for the planetary positions.  As I have a book signing and workshop scheduled for Valentine’s Day at  I was able to narrow down my choices.   I grabbed my March & McIvers’  The Only Way to Learn About Horary and Electional Astrology for electional rules and sat down with to calculate my natal  chart.  Natal charts give you the exact location of planets and aspects, so they work well for electional charts.  I looked at 1/27/18, and then 2/4/18  at 11:10am and then came back to 1/26/18 at 11:45.

With electional astrology charts, the moon is the most important planet in the chart, so you want a well aspected moon to signal the theme of the project.  Also, if possible, I  look for a waxing phase, the time when the moon is growing in light (between new and full moons)  The waxing moon is most conducive to expansion and growth with a fledgling project.  However, we do not want to choose the exact day of the new or full moon.  Thus, there are only about 12 days a month when the waxing moon phase occurs.  Incidentally, if we are looking to reduce or “lose” something, like weight, we would choose a waning moon phase between full moon and new moon.

Next, we want a Moon that will be in harmony with the other planetary positions.  There is absolutely no way to get your moon to make all positive aspects, so you end up having to pick and choose what is necessary.  For this venture, and the dates available, I could choose between a Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, or Libra Moon.  The Gemini Moon was ideal for the publishing of a book, but both Gemini & Libra were friendly to the other planetary positions, so I zeroed in on those dates: 1/27 and 2/4 for starters.  1/27 was waxing, while 2/4 was a waning moon phase.

Now it’s time to consider the calculation of the natal chart.   When calculating these charts, I begin at 12noon on the date proposed, and then work my way from there, adjusting dates and times to determine the a)ascendant sign that best matches me, the personality behind the project b) MC/10th house sign that matches the business/project theme c)planetary house occupation.  I prefer the benefic planets: Sun, Moon, Venus, & Jupiter to fall above the horizon in houses 7-12, with Sun/Venus in 10th or 11th house, if possible.  Sun/Venus in 10th house highlights the reputation & public attention, while 11th house brings money, and possibly fame. Also, I try to keep the “heavies” like, Pluto, Uranus, Saturn, Neptune and Mars out of the angles where they will stir up trouble.

Fixed signs give stability; cardinal signs give quick launches; mutable signs give flexibility.  Now in a book launch chart, a Gemini or Sagittarius Ascendant would be ideal; however, as with all electional charts, you end up bartering good with bad.  I’ll explain. Beginning my calculations at 12noon on the dates proposed, I get an idea of which way I need to go on the clock.  Fortunately, I didn’t need much adjustment, as 12 noon gave me a Gemini ascendant with the planets just barely off from the preferred locations.  Thus, I moved the clock back to a Taurus Ascendant at 11:10am on 1/27 and 2/4 and positioned all the planets where I wanted them!  With a Taurus Ascendant, my 10th house MC landed on Capricorn or Aquarius.  Considering Mystical Empress Magical Relationships, Quantum Techniques to Enhance Relationships is a unique, new age, quantum physics type book, I felt Aquarius was befitting!  One problem, that put Aquarius’ ruling planet, Uranus, in the 12th house (at least it wasn’t on an angle!)

Next, I studied the Moon aspects to other planets.  For both dates, the Moon did make one negative square aspect.  On 2/4 the Moon opposes Uranus and squares Pluto, which is heavy and possibly quite explosive! On 1/27 the Moon only squares Neptune, which is better, but not ideal.  However, I noticed a LOT of good around that Gemini Moon, so I decided to back up to 1/26 to an earlier degree of Gemini to “catch those good vibes” and gather more positive aspects.

Thus, on 1/26/18 at 11:45am My official book launch chart shows a Taurus Ascendant, Aquarius MC and Sun, and a Gemini Moon.  Sun/Venus in 10th house, Mercury in 9th house of Publishing, Jupiter in 7th of Relationships (book focus).  I kept most of the heavy planets out of the angles, although the Moon is in the 1st house and Mars is in 7th. See? I told you that you can’t win them all!

As for the Moon’s aspects: It is in harmony with Sun, Venus, and it’s last positive aspect before leaving Gemini is with Uranus (MC ruler).  The negative aspects are Moon opposite Mars, (separating–good) and square Neptune, applying.  To mitigate some of the negatie, we have strengthening aspects between the Moon, Ascendant Ruler/Venus and the Sun.  This date falls in the waxing Moon phase, also.

Numerology speaking, I use Chaldean interpretation, as well as mixing in Tarot Major Arcana.  While I’m not a big fan of the 26th, I held my breath and added the total date: 1+ 8+11=20/2.  20 is Judgement as well as the High Priestess.  Judgement clearly marks the end of a karmic, soul contract goal in the fruition of this book.  The High Priestess is the archetype of this knowledge. 2 is the number of choices and partnership, which are both themes of the book!

To learn more about Charis Farfalla, attend her Valentine’s Day Magical Relationships workshop, or purchase her soon-to-be-released book, Mystical Empress Magical Relationships, please go to:



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