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Enchanted Winter Wedding II

December 29, 2015


Enchanted Wedding II:  The Magic Behind the Event

Weddings are modern day rituals, and they are steeped in tradition and superstition. In planning my own wedding, I combined metaphysics with traditions & superstitions to cover all my bases. Enjoy!:)

Astrological Considerations

In astrology work, we create event charts, called electional charts, to plan the successful evolution of an event, such as a wedding or business opening. In these charts, the astrologer is looking for specific planets and signs that suitably match the intention of the event.

A wedding is about love, compatibility, and longevity. Thus, the planet of love & harmony, Venus, is a focal planet and fixed, solidly rooted, signs are chosen. With the Moon as the symbol of the event, she also weighs in quite heavily.

Planning the Event

We were engaged on New Year’s Day 2015, and fortunately for me, my fiance’ didn’t care about any of the wedding details. This left me with a wide open calendar to peruse, as I searched for the perfect date. I spent many weeks reviewing dates and planetary cycles. I was looking for a combination of ideal astrology, numerology, traditional beliefs, and moon phases that tied in together at one special time. I often wondered if I knew too much because it seemed the more that I knew, the more complicated the choice became. I’m quite certain the Universe laughs at me when I get into this deep Virgo South Node ambivalence. I can hear them saying, “We’ll wait to send her guidance, just to give her a bit of fun analyzing details.” Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

Frustrated, I put the whole business down! As fall rolled around, I started feeling a tugging to get this show on the road! I thought I had found the perfect day, November 23rd, but there was a negative Uranus square to Venus, which could show an abrupt, sudden divorce. Nooooooo. I went over and over the day in my mind. Didn’t feel right. Felt depressing.

I went to bed one night and was guided to get up and review December 21st. My Spirit Guides stepped in! I pulled up a chart for the day. It was Winter Solstice, a waxing moon phase, the planets looked good, the 21st was a good number…hmmm. Could this be it? I went back to bed. First thing the next morning, I got back on my computer and pulled up the chart. Looking more closely, I saw a few problematic areas, but nothing overly detrimental.

And still I couldn’t shake the good vibe I felt about the day. As two water signs, Cancer & Scorpio, we had always imagined a beach wedding, but now plans were evolving…A snowy winter wedding would be beautiful, enchanting AND unique.

A list of positive astrological wedding aspects:

*Moon Sign: Cancer, Taurus, Libra, (Pisces iffy to me)

*Fixed Rising Sign (clock time of event): Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius; 2nd Choice Cardinal Rising Signs: Capricorn, Cancer, Libra (no Aries, too volatile). Fixed shows longevity; cardinal shows focused forward movement.

*Ruler of 1st house (Rising Sign) is in harmonious aspect to ruler of 7th house (Descendant), ex. Taurus Rising Sign, ruler Venus, 7th house Scorpio, ruler Pluto—Venus Trine Pluto

*Venus in Libra or 7th house

*No Scorpio Moon or Venus

*Sun, Moon, Venus, Jupiter above the horizon (houses 7-12)

*Only applicable aspects: Conjunction, Trine, Sextile, Square, Opposition; 2-3degree orb allowable

*Moon in applying aspects only; meaning, the Moon is the fastest moving planet, changing signs every 2.5days.  It will possibly make aspects to other planets as it moves forward, before it changes signs. These are its applying aspects.

*Review Moon’s applying aspects to see the evolution of the marriage

*Final aspect of Moon is positive before going void-of-course (changing sign).

*Harmonious aspects between any: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter

*No Saturn, Uranus, Pluto, Neptune on an angle (1,4,7,10 houses)

*No square or opposing aspects to Saturn from Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter

*Moon waxing phase (2days after new moon through a day before full moon)

*No Venus or Mercury Retrograde.  Venus goes Rx 40days a year and Mercury goes Rx 4 times a year for 21 days each.

*Positive trine and sextile aspects to Chiron

My marriage electional chart:


(for free astrology chart graphs, )



Winter Park, Colorado

Analysis of My Wedding Chart 

Winter Solstice fell 4 days before the Full Moon on Christmas Day; thus, the wedding fell in the waxing Moon phase. The Moon sign is Taurus, which is an excellent grounded, solid, nurturing, prosperous, fertile moon sign. The Ascendant/Rising Sign is also Taurus, which denotes a solid marriage, not vulnerable to the changing winds of time. With Taurus on the Rise, Venus is the ruling planet of this chart. Venus is the planet of love, harmony, relationship, & fertility. She is solidly placed above the horizion in the 7th house. Now, she’s not in the best sign, Scorpio, for her liking, but the 7th house placement takes care of that issue. As ruler of  the Rising Sign, Venus has a loose positive sextile aspect to the 7th house ruler, Pluto. Now, Venus & Sun are both above the horizon, houses 7 and 8 respectively.  Venus is also in harmonious sextile aspect to Jupiter, planet of growth, luck, abundance and expansion. Saturn, Uranus, Neptune & Pluto are all safely tucked away from angular houses. Saturn, planet of time and karma, does not have any difficult aspects. Chiron has positive trine to Venus and sextile to Pluto. Also, the Moon will be positively aspecting Chiron in time. Woohoo! EXCELLENT!!!!

The only 2 problematic areas:

Moon in 1st house/Rising; Moon moving into an applying opposition to Venus. Here’s where I had to make a tough decision. I considered all the wonderful aspects, plus the positive numerological and traditional aspects, and most definitively my Inner Guidance saying “Go for it!” I decided to follow my guidance and settled on December 21st.

The Moon placed in the 1st house Rising Sign shows fluidity and changeability, which may actually keep all that Taurean energy from getting stuck in a rut, incapable of growth. The eventual Moon opposition Venus aspect will also be supported by positive aspects to Mercury and Pluto. Additionally, the after effects of the difficult Venus aspect is a beautiful trine between the Moon and Jupiter. This is the Moon’s final applying aspect before moving void-of-course. Jupiter promises the Venusian woes will not be insurmountable, as this marriage will continue to grow and expand in positive ways.


Additional Magic!

Time: 1:35pm, hands going up on clock (after the half hour) shows positive growth of marriage.  Avoid hands going down.  How many of us marry on the full hour?

Date: December 21, 2015

Numerology: #21 is the Crown of the Magi: success, advancement, honors, rewards, karmic reward.

12/21/2015 Breakdown: 1+2=3, 2+1=3, 2+0+1+5=8, 3+3+8=14: Magnetic Communication through speaking, writing, publishing and all media related matters. Periodic changes beneficial. We are in process of building a global company concerned with teaching, speaking, consulting, writing and publishing.

Monday wedding day is blessed with prosperity. Saturday is absolutely the worst wedding day!

December wedding month sustained love; November and May no good.

Waxing Moon Phase: successful growth of union

Snow on Wedding Day blessed marriage, fertility and prosperity—and yes it DID snow!!!!

Please remember that NO astrology chart is perfect! Even in my *best* date for my marriage, there were some difficulties. I had to weigh these problem areas against the positive aspects and my own intuitive guidance. Would I attempt to gather all these details and schedule this most important event if I were not a professional astrologer? Probably not, but this is the reason I chose to learn electional astrology– because I understood the importance of timing. If you’d like to schedule your own Wedding electional chart, please see my website  under astrological chart:   You will be asked to supply at least 3 dates or 3 months to narrow down the choices.

If you really think about all of the various, different philosophies that  came together at this special time in space, it’s nothing short of a miracle that my Guides sent me to look up this date~

Mystical, Enchanted Blessings,

Charis Farfalla



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