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Life Coaching with a Twist!

November 5, 2015


So you’ve heard the label: “Life Coach”, but what does it mean?

Life Coaching describes a partnership between a client, who desires specific dreams & goals, and a Life Coach, who has achieved mastery in a goal achievement skill set. There are life coaches who specialize, as in career and finance, and there are life coaches who are more general in application. There are also various personality types in life coaching. Some life coaches are achievement driven, aggressive, real “Coach” types. These life coaches, like athletic coaches, push you toward the realization of your goals with aggressive, logic /left brain oriented tools. On the other hand, holistically based life coaches offer softer, receptive/right brain tools that gently guide you toward your goals. Holistic life coach tools may involve intuition, meditation, and other spiritual techniques. Your personality type will determine the type of life coach you ultimately choose.

Who’s a match?

Do not mistakenly think that an aggressive coach will be more effective in helping you reach your goals. If aggressive goal pursuit is not your personal style, you may buckle under the pressure. Also, if you are a very logical, driven, analytical person, a holistic life coach may bore you. Meet with your proposed life coach to see how you fit. Find out their philosophy and approach toward goal achievement. Follow your inner guidance in selection. Remember, “There are many paths to the one full moon.”

With Mystical Empress Quantum Life Coaching, we combine a variety of techniques that applies logic/intuiton/creative/kinesthetic learning processes. While we are focused on achieving your goals and dreams, we do not encourage aggressive pursuit of them. We draw on the receptivity of law of attraction combined with quantum physics exercises to create an energetic matrix ripe for manifestation of your dreams.

People not currently eligible for Mystical Empress’ Quantum Life Coaching:

  • People experiencing severe depression, suicidal tendencies, chronic/life threatening illnesses. Quantum Life Coaching does not attempt to diagnose or treat mental, physical, or emotional illnesses.
  • Quantum Life Coaching does not attempt to prescribe medications for mental, physical or emotional disease.
  • Quantum Life Coaching is not a replacement for licensed doctors or therapists.
  • People unwilling to accept their role in the creation of their personal relationships, situations, reality, (victim mentality)

What is Mystical Empress’ Quantum Life Coaching? The Quantum approach to life coaching adds law of attraction and quantum physics principles to help people creatively manifest their goals.  Our society typically rewards aggressive pursuit of our goals, (which is oftentimes against natural energy flow); however, the Quantum Life Coaching approach helps the client work cooperatively with energy in a receptive, fluid flow. There’s much less physical action expenditure toward goal achievement in the Quantum approach.

Mystical Empress Quantum Life Coaching was designed through Charis Farfalla personal creation of specific quantum physics shift exercises.  These exercises were first tested in Charis’s personal life and then they were carried forward and refined with life coach clients from various walks of life.  These exercises were designed to help shift people beyond current identities and reality paradigms.  The Quantum Life Coaching tools go beyond mass consciousness belief systems and catapult the client into time bending, alternate personalities, and parallel universes where the creation of dreams is not a timely process.  It is a sudden shift of realities. The process is exhilarating, enlightening, and fun!

Mystical Empress’ Quantum Life Coaching can be used by people of various backgrounds, intentions and goals, because it applies non-linear, non-defined energy molding techniques.

The Mystical Empress Quantum Life Coaching approach offers:

  • Initial FREE “Discovery Session” to determine a workable, productive, good “fit”.
  • Reasonably priced Quantum Life Coach packages for adults and pre-adults
  • Years of Metaphysical and Quantum Physics study, application, & refinement
  • Compassionate, non- judgmental understanding of people
  • Ability to pinpoint old, destructive energy patterns
  • Specific plan of action outline, ie “Your Quantum Life Map”, ever-fluid with your changing needs
  • Specific energy shifting techniques and new, empowering lifetime practices
  • Unconditional, gentle, non-pushy guidance toward a new way of life
  • Positive, uplifting feedback throughout the Quantum Life Coaching process

Bottom Line: We are here to help empower our clients and help them to realize their dreams!

All of your creative ability is in the NOW.  Are YOU ready to create a NEW life?  If so, give us a call at: 720.965.0062.  We will be happy to guide you toward the creation of your dreams!.

Quantum Hugs,

Charis Farfalla, Mystical Empress

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