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Forgiving Sharks

October 21, 2015

Silvertip Sharks3

I’ve been working with an angel healing book.  Last night, I was reading the chapter on forgiveness and letting in the healing color of Love, which is pink.  I had questions about forgiveness, which I then channeled my guides to answer for me. Here they are:

Brenda Renee’, we are deeply appreciative that you will consider these areas of your concern.  Many never do ponder raising their light, much less leaving things on a forgiveness note. We also know that you strive for spiritual evolution in this lifetime. So let us explain this energy of forgiveness. If you were a surfer, riding waves and a shark came and took a bite out of your leg and you reacted with hate/fear/worry about the shark, it would be the same thing as worrying/hating/fearing people. However, if you realized the shark was just carrying out his current level of evolution, then you’d understand him better, feel compassion for him, but you still wouldn’t deliberately put yourself in harm’s way. To think that unconditional love and higher frequencies would make you get in the water, bloody up your leg and call the shark to take a bite, is absurd. Higher frequencies do not cause you to forget lessons learned and wisdom gained. It merely lets everyone off the hook by not holding grudges that only hurt yourself. You’ve lived some atrocities in your life, and no we wouldn’t ever coerce you into going back through those situations with those same people. But as you release the situation to compassion and forgiveness, you relax into the flow of energy. The sharks swim away and don’t come back. As long as you fear, hate, worry about the sharks, they will continue to circle around you as a tasty meal. Anytime a person holds grudges, it literally keeps the offenders tied up in the cells of the person’s body for far longer than they ever should have been. The offenders offered contrast, which is meant to open your eyes to your sloppy creating, and then you are meant to shift your attention to more desired outcomes. Contrast is not meant to make you eat sauerkraut and LOVE it. Contrast says “This is sauerkraut. You didn’t like it the first or second time you ate it. Walk away and choose something better. But don’t stand there looking back at the sauerkraut hating it.”


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