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Pisces: Rescuer, Victim or Mystic?

September 15, 2015


Recently, I noticed that the bulk of my life coach clients either had Pisces or Neptune prominent in their natal astrology charts. I began reflecting on my own Pisces/Neptune tendencies and revealed a common thread running amongst Piscean personalities:

  • extremely sensitive to energy; psychic, compassionate
  • feeling a need to rescue
  • weak or nonexistent boundaries: difficulty with time/space reality and separation from others
  • refusal to objectively look at the negative side of people and life
  • extremely gifted in creative pursuits and harnessing the imagination
  • deep mystical connection and understanding of Divine Onenes

Astrologically, prominent Pisces and Neptune shows up as: Pisces Sun, Moon, Saturn, Pisces on the cusp of 1,4,7,10 house angles and Neptune conjunct Sun, Moon, or on the 4 chart angles. All of these placements reveal a very Piscean temperament.  Pisces’ ruling planet is Neptune; thus, the energies are interchangeable.

Extremely sensitive to energy; psychic, compassionate

Because Pisces tend to feel everything, it can be difficult for them to let go of unhealthy patterns. They feel everyone’s emotions; they feel environmental energies; they tap into other species and other realms. Thus, my work first involves convincing them that they are not responsible for the world.  This can be extremely difficult for Pisces energy to understand because they feel things so closely that they own what they feel.  They do not understand they are merely filtering the energy surrounding them.

This hypersensitivity to people and the world pushes some Pisces to escape through alcohol, drugs, excessive sleeping, overeating and spacing out.  Escapism is a Neptune by-product and temporarily, yet painfully, numbs reality.

Feeling a need to recue

If the Neptunian person is trapped in a rescuer mentality, they eventually lapse into deep depression because this isn’t their true soul’s intention. Furthermore, the psychological transference of the rescuer role eventually becomes the victim role. The reason behind this negative outcome is that the rescuer disempowers the troubled other party because the rescuer perceives the victim as not capable of owning their creative power.

We are all gifted with the power to consciously, deliberately create our reality. This is what separates us from other earthly life forms. When a well-meaning person comes along and offers to rescue us from our own created reality, it goes against what our soul knows to be the truth of our personal power. A need to rescue may give rise to a Savior complex and a violation of others’ boundaries.  In all rescuer mentalities, I have found the rescuer to have a very strong need to be rescued.  They are merely projecting their own needs onto outside sources.

Weak non-existent boundaries

Due to Pisces nebulous otherworldly connection, they have no concept of healthy boundaries. Additionally, Pisces are typically born into situations where boundaries are nonexistent; thus, they aren’t taught proper boundaries. Instead, they are taught that it is wrong to expect reasonable boundaries. I always associate boundaries with Robert Frost’s quote, “Good fences make good neighbors.” Boundaries define respectful behavior in personal interactions between people and other living entities. We have physical, emotional, sexual and spiritual boundaries. So how do we know each other’s boundaries?

I was recently talking with a Pisces client about her deep seated beliefs. After she spoke a while, she said “But you’re a psychic, you already know all these things about me,” and I replied, “Just because I have the ability to read you does not give me the permission to freely scan your thoughts. That would be a boundary violation.” I’ve noticed psychically gifted people often invade others’ boundaries by keeping an open psychic channel to read them.  While I may get random “hits” of a person’s exaggerated emotional state like extreme happiness or deep depression, I do not actively scan people unless I’m in a work situation where it is consciously allowed and expected.

I’ve often noticed how easily I slip into other people’s mannerisms, word usage and thought patterns.  The closer or more frequent contact with a person, the more difficult it is to make the distinction: “this is you” and “this is me”. When relationships end, I feel a veil lift that puts me purely in my own energy. I’m often astonished how much my thinking changes when a person leaves my life. I’ve come to realize that much of the relationship’s energy exchange was me mirroring that person’s unexpressed internal dialogue. It can be extremely difficult for a Pisces to leave a relationship because they’ve built an entire identity around the other person.

Physical boundaries are instinctively created, so they are the easiest to reveal. Have you ever noticed when someone walks too close to you that your automatic reflex is to move back? Physical boundaries vary in size depending on the person. It’s like we have a huge invisible bubble surrounding our body and only we know when a person has crossed into our bubble. People who touch us inappropriately or physically hurt us are violating a physical boundary and crossing over into physical abuse. Physical boundaries change with age and with context of the relationship. For example, a one-year-old having their diaper changed has a much different boundary than a 10-year-old being viewed naked. When our physical boundary has been repeatedly transgressed, we tend to ignore our instinctual comfort zone.

People who have been physically assaulted or addiction prone have very weak physical boundaries. The clairvoyant psychic can see holes in the aura where the boundaries have been destroyed. Physical boundaries, along with the aura, can be healed once the person accepts their right to say “no”.

Animals understand the need for physical boundaries and will mark territory and defend if vigorously. When animals come into contact with other animals and humans they use specific body language to define themselves and their physical boundaries. A stranger may walk up to a cat and immediately start to pet it. The cat may hiss for the obvious breach of his boundary. The human may scold the cat as disagreeable when they should be learning this lesson in boundaries.

Sexual boundaries are closely akin to physical boundaries with some slight variations. Sexual expression is as natural to the human being as breathing. As toddlers, we begin with innocent sexual exploration that has no agenda. With sexual maturity, we desire sexual stimulation and activities. A child’s sexual boundary is much broader than an adult’s because of their lack of maturity. Hence, the reason we have child protective sexual abuse laws. Adults’ sexual boundaries are determined by a mutual willingness to engage in sexual activity.

At each stage in the human’s developmental cycle, sexual activities change to match the human’s maturity & desire level. Children living in a boundary-less home may be exposed to: parental sexual activity, pornographic materials, direct sexual intrusion from more mature children and adults, and privacy violations in the natural exploration of their bodies.

Even in this age of “political correctness”, we still have many sexual boundary violations. Most people think a sexual violation involves sexual violence. They do not understand that trash talking about women and men may be a sexual boundary violation. With the explosion of internet dating, much of the adult dating world is littered with sexual boundary violations. Many people use texts and videos to broadcast their sexual availability. When they bombard unseeking, disinterested people with blatant sexual content, they are violating the person’s sexual boundary.

Emotional boundaries define appropriate dialogue between people. Most people understand how to be nice to others. There is an internal soul mechanism that alerts us when we are not following our Inner Guidance toward harmonious interactions. We state our emotional boundaries by the way we allow other people to treat us. If we were raised in an environment that discouraged boundaries, we were taught that we were being “mean” by stating what felt good and bad to us. We were taught to allow others to treat us in any way they chose. We were also taught that other peoples’ needs were more important than our own. Thus, we lose touch with our own feelings and needs. We become hyper aware of what others feel and mold our behavior to please them.

Continual sniping, unconstructive criticism, derogatory, dishonest, betrayal and invasive questioning behavior create a toxic atmosphere of emotional abuse. This type of abuse can be more damaging to the psyche than physical violations because they are not as easily defined. The child receiving this perpetual emotional violation comes to expect and create it with other people.

Regardless of religious preference, we all have spiritual boundaries. A spiritual boundary respects our individual relationship with a higher power. A spiritual boundary allows a person to choose what that relationship is or is not. To guilt, condemn, or frighten a person into a particular spiritual philosophy or religion is a violation of a spiritual boundary. I have religious clients that ask me what my spiritual background is to ensure their personal security. I also have clients who adamantly refuse to talk in any religious context. I honor both sides and adjust my language to match their needs.

The unwillingness to psychically separate from a person physically, mentally, or emotionally is a breach of boundaries to Self and others –even when a relationship is ongoing. This over attachment becomes a parasitical relationship that is unhealthy for the parasite and the host.  We are each born as separate individuals who must learn how to effectively navigate earthly life. This navigation is not concerned with over attachment to other people. Obviously, a small child would require a more constant psychic connection with their parents than a teenager or an adult child. Again, we must look at the context of the evolving relationship and maturity levels of the people involved.

With all this talk about boundaries, we need to briefly review psychic vampires; they do indeed exist. A psychic vampire does not honor physical, emotional, sexual, or spiritual boundaries. The interaction is not a healthy give and take expression. The psychic vampire’s primary focus is to absorb as much of your energy as they possibly can to fulfill themselves. Following an interaction with a psychic vampire, you may feel nervous, violated, depressed, angry or anxious. Most psychic vampires are unaware of what they’re doing. However, I have come across people who have told me that they like to “feed” off other people’s energy!  Again, pay attention to how you feel after interactions with people.  If you feel bad each time you intermingle, it may be time to change the company you keep!

Refusal to objectively look at the negative side of people and life

The Neptunian personality, with its ethereal, mystical qualities, prefers to see people and life through beautiful, rose colored, unscarred glasses. It’s the proverbial “ostrich with its head in the sand” solution. They believe what they don’t know can’t possibly hurt them. The Neptune person chooses to ignore unwanted aspects. By ignoring negative, we are not giving this contrast the consideration necessary to shift to a new version. Because I am a teacher of Law of Attraction, I do not advocate harping on negatives; however, I have come to realize that the negative does serve a positive purpose. The key to negativity is to briefly, honestly observe it and then use it as a springboard to focus in the direction of a positive outcome. When we courageously investigate negative manifestations, we understand that we created them and then we can make effort to focus in a new direction.

I recently had a Neptunian personality who thought she had found her perfect soulmate. She had decided that he would be the missing link in her unrealized career dreams. A lover of antiques, she wanted to handle estate sales of wealthy clients. In her new lover, she found a guy who’s mother had been deeply involved in estate sales. So, my client took this as proof that they were meant to be together. Now, for the facts of the situation: this guy was estranged from his wife, had a very traumatic relationship with his mother, and was exhibiting gay tendencies. I pointed all of this out to my client, including, “Do you really think he’d want to be in the same business that his mother was in, knowing that he’d be constantly reminded of painful memories? Do you want him to associate you with his mother?” She was bewildered by my perception and held fast to her dream.

Extremely gifted in creative pursuits and harnessing the imagination

Pisces make beautifully talented artists because they have the purity to tap into higher realms. The most famous works of art are not of this world. They come from another place outside normal human consciousness. In their natural artistic proclivity, Pisces personalities are able to straddle their brain hemispheres and conjoin logic with intuition.

The imagination is actually a purely psychic phenomenon. By consciously directing their imaginations, Pisces are able to tune into other realms, other beings, alternate realities, and alternate versions of self. The imagination, not logic, is our greatest problem solving mechanism.

With their proclivity toward imaginal realms, Pisces temperaments are imbued with a natural magical wand. They are quite adept at creating any dream they can imagine, but they must be willing to acknowledge the negative, harsh, undesirable aspects of their realities and perceptions, first.

Deep mystical connection and understanding of Divine Oneness

The spiritual world is difficult to define and difficult to possess. Likewise, Pisces experiences a vague nebulousness about reality. The Pisces personality lives between realms and feels quite at home in “tween” realities. In addition, Pisces feels their eternal connection to Source energy. They understand that alone-ness is impossible. They know things that the other signs do not innately understand. Thus, Pisces is a superb teacher of enlightenment and mystical experiences.    The Pisces can teach others of their eternal, invisible connection to Source.

11751929_737171019728569_7901442706375100664_n photo courtesy: Pisces Model Kayla Pardue

Innately, Pisces understands the laws of the Universe. This knowing gives them a very deep understanding of Divine and all of its energetic manifestations. It is the Pisces’/Neptunian’s soul growth lesson to shine a light on the path of Oneness and serve as an example of soulful connection. As the Pisces moves into their true spiritual path, they:

  • learn energy shielding and aura cleansing techniques
  • spend alone time, especially near water, to process and recharge
  • journal thoughts and feelings for clarification
  • develop SELF love predominantly, define personal boundaries, and walk away from abuse
  • refuse to escape reality through numbing agents
  • grant others the gift of discovering their personal empowerment
  • determine if relationships and activities add true, healthy value in their lives
  • allow their creativity and imagination to work for them not against them
  • disavow rescue tendencies and interference in other’s soul path experiences
  • serve as spiritual guide in other peoples’ spiritual journeys

Mystical Blessings, Pisces,

Charis Farfalla

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