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The Fool and the Precipice

August 4, 2015


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The Fool and the Precipice
Major Life Changes

8 years ago, I found myself looking over the edge of a precipice wondering–shall I jump?  I was in acting school at the time, and Roger, a fellow thespian in NY, talked to me about the choice. We discussed the Fool tarot card, which happens to be one of my favorite cards. It shows an innocent, child-like, (and perhaps naive), person joyfully skipping along a path when he (unknowingly?) comes to the edge of a cliff.  Yipping at his feet is his loyal dog, who barks to alert him of his next step.  We, the audience, are left to wonder–does he stop fast in his tracks or does he tumble to his death or…? The thought of such a momentous, life altering risk was very appealing to me because I do love challenges and the abyss of unknowing.

The rest of my time in NYC was spent reflecting on my life. I knew I had spent many years learning and honing my knowledge of the Universal Laws of Life. I had laboriously studied the secrets of creating miracles from nothingness. I came to know how important personal freedom was to me. And given my current life situation back in Louisiana, I could very well see what the next 10, if not 20 years, of my life would bring–if I did not make a radical change.  Uranus, planet of sudden changes, was traveling through my 1st House/Ascendant Sign, natal astrology chart house of self-identity, personality, and the way we view the world.  Uranus commanded: “Get out of this stagnant rut!!! Your life is CALLING!”

So, I jumped! The “jump” was out of a stagnant life that was literally sucking the energy out of my Beingness. I’m not going to say the jump was easy because any time we face the unknown there are always wild card variables involved. It takes a great deal of courage & initiative to rock a steady, secure, ship even when that ship is sailing to an undesirable destination.  And yes, the jump landed me to my death.  I wandered aimlessly between worlds for 3 years until I left Louisiana.  As I moved to Colorado, a brand new life that supported all the years of study sprung forth.  All that came before was washed away, and the new fulfilled my dreams.

During the 3 years of uncertain nomadic life, I’d tell people that I was in the funnel of a tornado that had not touched down yet.  I received a call from one of my best friends, a Native American, affectionately known as Silver Haired Wolf, who spoke the most wonderful words to me. He said, “You are a Woman of the Earth who brings to life that which lies dormant.” And it was true. As a life coach working with people who appear “stuck”, I oftentimes bring things to life and to light, things that are unknown and lying dormant in the souls of others. Yet, many of us fear the death, forgetting rebirth always follows death.  We continue to repeat people & situations in our life because we restrict our focus to the past. And what we focus upon, we manifest into our future experience. We only appear to be “stuck” when in reality we are continuing the same patterns over and over.

From The Power of Now, speaks Eckhart Tolle of his life:

“I have little use for the past, and I rarely think about it.”

How often do we cling to people, things, beliefs, & memories to keep alive the stagnant past? Do we do this to maintain our identities? Do we do this to avoid change and growth by stubbornly holding on when surrender is what is needed? No matter, Death always comes knocking. It is only when we fight, “fight the dying light” that the natural process of death becomes painful. I liken endings to a rose bush.  Dead wood must be pruned away to allow for new growth; otherwise the entire bush declines and Death eventually takes what was not offered freely.

At the beginning of my work with a new life coach client, I give them a questionnaire to complete.  The questions are designed to give me insight in guiding them, but most importantly, the questions cause them to think and commit themselves to the work ahead. I chuckle when these clients are miserable in their current situation and they arrive at the question: “Are you willing to release long held patterns/beliefs in favor of replacing them with more productive, (to your goals), patterns & beliefs?”   Ironically, they stop. They hedge their bets. They answer: “Yes, Maybe, Yes”.   I then remind them that their current beliefs and patterns landed them at my door!

The mythological Phoenix represents the cycles of birth–death–and rebirth. In Native American tradition, the Phoenix becomes the Golden Eagle. The Eagle flies into the Sun to burn away all that was, to die. Then he dips himself into water three times to be reborn into the new, the present, The Now.  However, this new life cannot be granted without the surrender of all that was.As all mythology speaks to the deep, core part of the human psyche, we come to realize that death is but a step in the process of evolvement, and so the Fool plunges; he plunges deep into the abyss for another cycle of death and eventual rebirth.

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To exciting new adventures,

Charis Farfalla

  1. Hey i enjoy the reading.. Its very helpful stuff.
    Came here by searching for a psychic.

    • Thank you Dana! Yes, you came to the right place to look for a psychic. Please call me at 720-965-0062 to schedule your reading:) Mystical Blessings! Brenda

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