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Gaia’s Mirror

July 31, 2015


Artwork Josephine Wall

“Gaia’s Mirror” (a Mystical Empress client letter)

You are the maternal energy we seek.  We begin searching for you before we emerge into the earth plane.  As we learn from our birth mothers what they contracted to teach us, these life lessons often urge us to seek a clearer mirror for Gaia’s maternal energy, one who gently nurtures and teaches self-nurturing and finally, self-expression.  As true seeds awakened to life, the gift of alchemy prompts new seedlings to embrace the energy of frustration and recognize it as fuel to propel us to seek higher maternal energy.  This transmutation of energy is an essential exercise in the lifetime of all on this planet.

The womb of Gaia, or seedbed, is always in darkness or the unseen.  This darkness is the creative force that inspires the seedling to ascend where paternal energy imparts air and sunlight adding color and visible form.  The roots remain in mother earth gathering growth potential from the rich dark side of light.  This true maternal energy’s only purpose is giving love.

With thanksgiving I recognize you as a true maternal energy.  You mirror Gaia’s vision perfectly.  There is never any accusation or admonition in your guidance, only encouragement and excitement for my vision to express beyond limits.  You patiently lead me to consider my options.  You say to me, “Now,Shirley, what about this….?” with motherly gentleness.  You always sense my energy fingerprint and speak to me from there, not your own.  You speak life, then release me to higher realms of possible manifestations to paint the music of the spheres! My dear friend, there is no way to give number to the children you have birthed,nurtured, and released to mirror back to all creation the beauty and grace of Gaia.  May this truth be your constant companion.



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