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Post Traumatic Stress: The Invisible Cage

March 12, 2015


A dear friend of mine endured a life threatening traumatic accident, which left her a completely different person.  While she understood the trauma’s physical evidence of scarring & body rehabilitation, she was shocked by the mental and emotional aftermath of the accident. She began reacting to neutral events as a frightened, panicked young woman. She could not understand why innocuous events triggered her fight/flight survival instincts. She felt trapped in an invisible cage.

Each time we experience a highly charged emotional event, our minds create a fibrous network called a neuro net, which literally wires the memory into our brains. Whenever stimuli trigger a neuro net, we go right back to that memory and superimpose it onto the current reality. While the current episode may have nothing in common with the original sponsoring event, we will experience the present in such a way that filters out all evidence contrary to the original event. It does not matter if the current trigger in any way resembles the past details. What’s more, each time we re-live the memory, the neuro net strengthens and dumps hormones relevant to the emotional release, such as adrenalin in the case of fear. Thus, the body learns to crave the hormonal dump. We become encircled by an invisible cage of: emotion–> thought–> trigger–>neuro net–>hormone. The emotion is ever lying dormant, yet it is attracting a trigger to bring it into full expression. As the emotion is fully felt and expressed, the neuro net is activated with a corresponding hormonal dump.

It is my belief that post traumatic stress is woven into a specific neuro net that creates an essentially different person. The event, meant as a spiritual initiation into a new life, becomes a check point where a life altering decision is made: Person A may translate a fearful event into a courageous, self-empowered life path, while person B may translate the trauma into a struggle- for- survival life approach. For person A, the neuro net will be designed to dump Dopamine as a reward for confident, fearless thoughts and actions. Person B may create a neuro net that dumps Adrenalin for fearful, panicked thoughts and actions. Over time, both neuro nets function to support  Person A & Person B’s expectations.

The implications here are far reaching when it comes to Law of Attraction. We manifest what we intently focus upon. If we get caught up in a biological compulsion toward specific emotional/hormonal expressions, doesn’t that mean we will create a pattern in our manifestations? And if we switch out of a non productive neuro net, aren’t we then free to move into more desirable self empowered manifestations?

As I endured life threatening trauma in early childhood, I’ve spent much of my life studying and seeking relief from post traumatic stresses. To share what I had learned, I became a teacher and writer of self empowerment and personal growth.  While I strongly advise a licensed therapist to aid in the psychological healing of such wounds. I also encourage spiritually based work to energetically shift one beyond restrictive patterns.

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In Peace & Well-Being,

Charis Farfalla

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