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Life Changes in the Dream

January 14, 2015


Q. Hey Girl!  I had a dream, and I need help!  You know dreams are crazy at times.  I dreamed I got braces, and the braces had dice on them.  I was also riding down the road and looking at the road behind me.  I was riding with some people, and a guy said, “I’m going to marry you.” I laughed, “Don’t you think we should date first?” And plants… I was rearranging beautiful plants, but one hidden plant was neglected and dying.  There were several cakes and food around.  One cake, in particular, caught my eye. I asked a lady what kind of cake it was, and she said “Bank Cake”.  I got a piece.  LOL.

Mystical Empress: Dreams are shorthand symbols from our innermost self.  They come to give advice and a type of “Head’s up” on our current life situations. The symbols you use in your dreams are uniquely relevant to you, which is why it is so difficult to look up specific dream symbol meanings.

I begin interpreting my own dreams by exploring possible meanings of the symbolic content of the dream. Now, as this is not my dream, I encourage you to take the below interpretations as guideposts in discovering your own dream dialogue.

Teeth–Decision making and compromises made in the choices made.

Braces–” to brace for unknown”, hold in place

Dice– “a dicey situation” , a gamble

Riding down the road looking behind–reviewing past choices, hanging onto the past

Marriage–important long term commitment, to combine

Re-arranging Beautiful Plants–re-organizing choices for growth, dying plant–old growth that is diminishing in importance

Cake–sweetness in life, temptation


Now let’s take these general interpretations and weave them into a workable dream theme:

You’ve committed to a new path full of promising potential, but you’re uncertain about this path because it is so new to you.  You’ve done other things in the past, and you already know how they played out.  Now, you’re willing to try something new even if it means you must walk away from other things that were once important to you.   Now, you’re waiting to see what Life hands you, and I’m willing to bet it’s going to be sweet!

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Sweet dreams!

Charis Farfalla

  1. barbara permalink

    Awesome .. well said . Very interesting

  2. Ginger Solberg permalink

    Interesting, Maybe it’s time I start paying my attention to my dreams.

    • I’d certainly recommend keeping a dream journal. In fact, dreams will often give you information about body imbalances long before problems arise. Dreams come as private friends that know you even better than you know yourself.

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