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Quantum Implications of Name Changes

Mystical Empress Name Numerology

Quantum Implications of Name Changes

What’s in a name?

Each letter of the alphabet carries a vibration, and when these letters are strung together in a word, they create a specific vibrational frequency.  Our parents name us when we are born, and those names carry meaning.   Our names reveal personality traits, soul intentions, talents and life cycles.  I have changed my name numerous times in my lifetime.  With each change, new energy takes center stage.

In my new book, Mystical Empress Magical Relationships, I talk about shifting time lines and particle realities to manifest relationship dreams.  With quantum physics, we have multiple time lines and versions of reality available to us.  We can rewrite our past, align with new versions of self, and step into the dreams that are waiting for us!  Creating a complete name change, that holds no history, can act as a rocket booster to begin anew!  How many people would love a fresh start, unencumbered by the ghosts of the past?

Right after I finished my book, I started feeling that old familiar tug of needed change.  I reviewed my lifetime with my birth name, my shortened name, my previous married name, and I thought, “I’ve had quite a rough go with this name!  I’m ready to do some releasing of my past and shift to a better version of myself.”  As a Scorpio, with butterfly totem, I am very comfortable with birth/death/rebirth cycles in my life.  In addition, my astrology natal chart shows Uranus square Moon.  So, it is a part of my internal fabric to release past identities.  I don’t hang on to anything, really, which makes me very successful in manifesting my life as I desire it to be.  Hanging on to the past clogs everything up!

My current, legal, shortened birth name Brenda Renee’, adds up to a 23/5 expression, and I chose this name when I was a single actress, student, and world traveler (2006-2013).  It was a time of death-like experiences and change.  I completely shed my personal and professional identity.  I spent years as a nomad traveling the winding road of uncertainty.  5 indicates freedom, communications and acting!  Additionally, during all these changes, Uranus was moving through my 1st house, Pisces Ascendant, Aries intercepted, which was a loooong bumpy ride.  Uranus in the 1st house shatters your self- identity; he breaks binding chains in favor of freedom and authenticity.  During those years, I found it very difficult to plan long-term goals. I remember walking in a rental store and saying, “I’m not looking for long-term, I just need one night.” Those words reverberated in my ears, and I thought, “Oh, WOW!  That’s exactly how I’m living my life now.  Whenever someone wants a formal lengthy commitment from me, I can’t give it to them!” (this coming from a girl whose middle name was commitment!) Uranus is a more in- the-moment kinda guy!  Recently, Uranus went into Taurus and moved out of my 1st house and into my 2nd house of money, possessions and values.  I’m finally through the demolition cycle!  Whew!  Also, I am now happily married and planning quantum shifts in my life—so the time feels ripe for an identity shift! Neptune will be coming up on my Ascendant in the next couple of years, and brings with it a more feminine, romantic, soft identity.  Already, I’ve noticed my attraction to more feminine, floral, lacy clothes.

In considering a new name, I had some specific intentions in mind: I wanted to be a more refined, softer version of myself.  Brenda means warrior and Renee’ means sword and rebirth.  I was ready to withdraw from life’s battle and move into a life full of joyful experiences.  As I’ve always been drawn to Greek names, perhaps from the lifetime in Atlantis, I picked a Greek name– Charites, shortened to Charis.  It comes from the 3 Graces with Charis meaning grace, charm, beauty, creativity, fertility, and youth.  I also knew I wanted mermaid or butterfly in my name.  As a seastar, I looked for various forms of the word “mermaid”, but I didn’t like the way they sounded.  Then I found the Italian version of butterfly, Farfalla, and I loved it!

Once I had a prospective name picked, I had some numerology calculations to do.  I needed to see how it shifted my original life intentions.  I needed to see if the vibration would be harmonious.   Although life path and birthdate numbers never change, expressions and heart’s desire do change.  Expression numbers are an additional layer to your personality and intentions, while heart’s desire numbers show a secret desire that you may or may not ever realize. Under the Chaldean numerology system (which I use mostly), the expression numbers for Charis Farfalla are 15/6.  Compound number 15 is the Magician, the supreme manifestor, while 6 is relationship and art focused.  Under the Pythagorean number system we get the spiritual based expression number of 7, where intuitive and spiritual growth are highlighted. The heart’s desire numbers under both systems are similar to my original birth numbers.  5 is the heart’s desire under the Chaldean system while 4 is the heart’s desire under Pythagorean.  Both of which are in my birth name.  Again, 5 offers the secret desire for freedom & travel.  4 offers stability, grounding, and  work ethic.

Thus, with my new name already listed on the copyright of my book, I’m off to a fresh start!  I may or may not take my name change to court for a legal change.  I do not know yet.  Also, I’m still uncertain if I will take my husband’s name.  I made sure to include the number calculations for my married name too.  My new name definitely aligns with my original birth intentions; however, as I shift realities, those intentions may no longer be valid.

Now that the numerology portion of this new identity is complete, I will start the quantum shifting process of altering time lines and shifting particle realities.  With much spiritual growth already completed in the old version of myself, I will begin writing a new history, a new personality, and new manifestations for Charis Farfalla.  People, places, and events will shift as the new reality comes into focus.

Numbers have always been a big part of my life decisions.  By harnessing these energies, we can make: more informed decisions; completely shift the energy in our lives; add an extra boost to manifesting our dreams; change our selves; and attract more of the good things in life.

Mystical Empress Charis Farfalla holds a BA in Legal Studies, a Masters in Metaphysics, and professional certification in Feng Shui. She is an astrologer, shaman, feng shui practitioner, horticulturist, artist, actress, and intuitive.  She has written for various new age magazines, such as Indigo Sun, Transformations, and her monthly Feng Shui Q&A for Delta Style Magazine.  She’s spent 19 years in private consulting & teaching.   The Mystical Empress is a powerful spiritual guide for your soul’s path.  To learn more about Mystical Empress Charis Farfalla’s services & workshops, please go to:





Mystical Empress Magical Relationships Electional Astrology, when to publish a book

MEMR Electional ChartAs a professional astrologer, I could NOT publish my first book without sneaking in a few hours to configure an electional astrology chart!  Electional astrology charts are used for the inception of important events as well as starting businesses.  So, with my astrology as well as numerology knowledge on tap, I proceeded to calculate the perfect timing for my book’s birth between now and the first of February.

Electional Charts are not easy to do because there are so many factors involved.  If we have a general idea of when we would like to begin our “event”, we can go right into calculating a computerized natal chart for the planetary positions.  As I have a book signing and workshop scheduled for Valentine’s Day at  I was able to narrow down my choices.   I grabbed my March & McIvers’  The Only Way to Learn About Horary and Electional Astrology for electional rules and sat down with to calculate my natal  chart.  Natal charts give you the exact location of planets and aspects, so they work well for electional charts.  I looked at 1/27/18, and then 2/4/18  at 11:10am and then came back to 1/26/18 at 11:45.

With electional astrology charts, the moon is the most important planet in the chart, so you want a well aspected moon to signal the theme of the project.  Also, if possible, I  look for a waxing phase, the time when the moon is growing in light (between new and full moons)  The waxing moon is most conducive to expansion and growth with a fledgling project.  However, we do not want to choose the exact day of the new or full moon.  Thus, there are only about 12 days a month when the waxing moon phase occurs.  Incidentally, if we are looking to reduce or “lose” something, like weight, we would choose a waning moon phase between full moon and new moon.

Next, we want a Moon that will be in harmony with the other planetary positions.  There is absolutely no way to get your moon to make all positive aspects, so you end up having to pick and choose what is necessary.  For this venture, and the dates available, I could choose between a Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, or Libra Moon.  The Gemini Moon was ideal for the publishing of a book, but both Gemini & Libra were friendly to the other planetary positions, so I zeroed in on those dates: 1/27 and 2/4 for starters.  1/27 was waxing, while 2/4 was a waning moon phase.

Now it’s time to consider the calculation of the natal chart.   When calculating these charts, I begin at 12noon on the date proposed, and then work my way from there, adjusting dates and times to determine the a)ascendant sign that best matches me, the personality behind the project b) MC/10th house sign that matches the business/project theme c)planetary house occupation.  I prefer the benefic planets: Sun, Moon, Venus, & Jupiter to fall above the horizon in houses 7-12, with Sun/Venus in 10th or 11th house, if possible.  Sun/Venus in 10th house highlights the reputation & public attention, while 11th house brings money, and possibly fame. Also, I try to keep the “heavies” like, Pluto, Uranus, Saturn, Neptune and Mars out of the angles where they will stir up trouble.

Fixed signs give stability; cardinal signs give quick launches; mutable signs give flexibility.  Now in a book launch chart, a Gemini or Sagittarius Ascendant would be ideal; however, as with all electional charts, you end up bartering good with bad.  I’ll explain. Beginning my calculations at 12noon on the dates proposed, I get an idea of which way I need to go on the clock.  Fortunately, I didn’t need much adjustment, as 12 noon gave me a Gemini ascendant with the planets just barely off from the preferred locations.  Thus, I moved the clock back to a Taurus Ascendant at 11:10am on 1/27 and 2/4 and positioned all the planets where I wanted them!  With a Taurus Ascendant, my 10th house MC landed on Capricorn or Aquarius.  Considering Mystical Empress Magical Relationships, Quantum Techniques to Enhance Relationships is a unique, new age, quantum physics type book, I felt Aquarius was befitting!  One problem, that put Aquarius’ ruling planet, Uranus, in the 12th house (at least it wasn’t on an angle!)

Next, I studied the Moon aspects to other planets.  For both dates, the Moon did make one negative square aspect.  On 2/4 the Moon opposes Uranus and squares Pluto, which is heavy and possibly quite explosive! On 1/27 the Moon only squares Neptune, which is better, but not ideal.  However, I noticed a LOT of good around that Gemini Moon, so I decided to back up to 1/26 to an earlier degree of Gemini to “catch those good vibes” and gather more positive aspects.

Thus, on 1/26/18 at 11:45am My official book launch chart shows a Taurus Ascendant, Aquarius MC and Sun, and a Gemini Moon.  Sun/Venus in 10th house, Mercury in 9th house of Publishing, Jupiter in 7th of Relationships (book focus).  I kept most of the heavy planets out of the angles, although the Moon is in the 1st house and Mars is in 7th. See? I told you that you can’t win them all!

As for the Moon’s aspects: It is in harmony with Sun, Venus, and it’s last positive aspect before leaving Gemini is with Uranus (MC ruler).  The negative aspects are Moon opposite Mars, (separating–good) and square Neptune, applying.  To mitigate some of the negatie, we have strengthening aspects between the Moon, Ascendant Ruler/Venus and the Sun.  This date falls in the waxing Moon phase, also.

Numerology speaking, I use Chaldean interpretation, as well as mixing in Tarot Major Arcana.  While I’m not a big fan of the 26th, I held my breath and added the total date: 1+ 8+11=20/2.  20 is Judgement as well as the High Priestess.  Judgement clearly marks the end of a karmic, soul contract goal in the fruition of this book.  The High Priestess is the archetype of this knowledge. 2 is the number of choices and partnership, which are both themes of the book!

To learn more about Charis Farfalla, attend her Valentine’s Day Magical Relationships workshop, or purchase her soon-to-be-released book, Mystical Empress Magical Relationships, please go to:



Chinese New Year of the Fire Monkey


Year of the Fire Monkey

By Brenda Renee

“Gong Xi Fa Cai”! Year of the Fire Monkey

On February 8th, colorful paper lanterns, music, and long, dancing parades will decorate the streets of Asian-based communities, as red, red, and more red will explosively and passionately ring in the Chinese New Year of the Monkey! People will joyfully greet each other with “Gong Xi Fa Cai,” meaning: “Congratulations and be prosperous!”

Chinese New Year marks the death of winter and the rebirth of spring, which is why “congratulations” are offered for the survival through winter. This spring festival is based on the Chinese calendar. It differs from the Gregorian calendar because it is calculated on lunar/solar movements. Each year, the Chinese New Year falls on the 2nd new moon after the Winter Solstice. Thus, the Chinese year, which is governed by the Chinese astrological symbol of the monkey, begins on February 8, 2016, and ends on January 27, 2017 .

Inventiveness, Communications, Changeability, Problem Solving & Individual Efforts

These are some of the words used to describe Monkey years.  If you are a Chinese Monkey, this year could be a little burdensome, full of obstacles to overcome.  In addition to the return of your Chinese Zodiac animal, you are also receiving an astrological Jupiter Return.  Jupiter represents expansion, growth and luck.  By knowing which astrological house your natal Jupiter resides, you will know where to expect luck and growth opportunities.  To find your Jupiter natal position, you may order an astrology reading at:

Being the most important Asian holiday, Chinese New Year involves special preparations before the festivities begin. Homes are cleaned, paying special attention to sweeping out the old and making room for the new. This is a time to release unnecessary clutter! People remove trash and discarded objects through the back door during cleaning, (so as not to remove good luck coming in the front door!) After cleaning is complete, the space in homes is cleared by smoking with a sage bundle to remove negative, stuck Chi’, (life force energy). People also ring bells after the clearing to invite positive Chi’ into the space, and they strive to pay all debts and settle any lingering quarrels. Fresh, blooming flowers insure that the year will be blessed with good luck!

Decorations for the New Year are symbolic of wealth, health, love, fertility, and good luck. Many of the symbols are red or gold because red draws energy, wealth, and luck, while gold represents wealth. If you are ready to join in the festivities, hang paper lanterns from the ceiling and stick vertical red paper strips, Chun Lian, to the front door. These paper products are inscribed with well wishes. In view of the main entrance, place a fat, laughing Buddha who will be happy to greet guests. Facing the front door, place a three-legged frog to invite wealth into the home. Also, the gods Fuk, Luk, and Sau may be displayed to draw wealth, health, and longevity. In honor of the monkey new year, don’t forget to decorate with this magical beast, too!

On the eve before New Year’s, gather together with friends and family to perform a release ceremony. Guests will write intentions for releasing ideas, patterns, and habits that no longer serve. Burn these papers. Offer words of appreciation to Divine, family, friends, and yourself. Carry money in your pockets through to the New Year. Just before midnight, open windows and doors to release the old Chi’. At midnight, throw money over the threshold to represent incoming wealth.

Only positive vibrations are allowed on New Year’s Day!

Once the New Year rolls in on February 8th, do not wash your hair or sweep/clean your house, or else you could be removing your good luck!  No quarreling and no words of death or illness. Even the number four is avoided, as it sounds like the word “death”. Be sure to wear something red to call in good luck and wealth!  Celebrate through joyful activities, including making love! Gift friends and relatives with Chinese red envelopes stuffed with fresh, crisp $1 bills. Also, share tangerines and oranges to bless others with good health and longevity. Foods may include uncut noodles for longevity, red dishes for good luck, whole fish for prosperity, seeds for fertility, whole chicken for a happy marriage, and Sticky Cake for a sweet and abundant life (recipe below).

On Chinese New Year, create harmonious atmospheres, engage in joyful activities, and feast on good foods. You will be setting the tone for a wonderful new year! “Gong Xi Fa Cai!”

To start your new year off right, Mystical Empress is offering  Chinese New Year 25%  off Feng Shui Consultations, in person or via skype.  See

Ni Gao, Sticky Cake Recipe

3 1/4 cups (1,400 gram bag) glutinous rice flour

2/3 cup brown sugar or 2 slabs (about 5 ounces) Chinese brown candy (pian tang in Mandarin; peen tong in Cantonese)

7 ounces boiling water

1/2 cup Chinese dates, softened in water, cut in half, pits removed, or 1/2 cup other dried fruit or 1/4 cup dates and 1/4 cup nuts

1 tablespoon milk

Water, as needed

1 tablespoon white sesame seeds

1 tablespoon vegetable oil or nonstick cooking spray

(Check your local Asian market for ingredients)


  1. Prepare a wok for steaming.
  2. In a bowl, mix the boiling water and the sugar, stirring to dissolve. (If using peen tong, break the candy into several pieces, so that it will dissolve more easily in the boiling water). Cool. Soak the Chinese dates in hot water for at least 30 minutes to soften. (You can also soften them quickly by placing them in a bowl with water and microwaving on high heat for 30 seconds). Cut the dates in half and remove the pits.
  3. Place the glutinous rice flour in a large bowl. Make a well in the middle and stir in the sugar and water mixture. Add the milk and begin shaping the dough. Add 1 tablespoon of water to the dough at a time, until you have smooth dough with a satiny texture. Incorporate 1/2 to 3/4 of the Chinese dates, nuts, or other dried fruit as you are adding water and working with the dough.
  4. Grease a 7-inch square cake pan with vegetable oil or a non-stick cooking spray. Place the dough in the cake pan and spread it out to the edges. Decorate with the remaining dates, lightly pushing them into the dough. Sprinkle the sesame seeds on top.
  5. Steam the cake over medium-high to high heat for 45 minutes, or until the edges of the cake pull away from the pan. Remove the cake from the heat and cool.
  6. Use a knife to loosen the edges and then remove the cake. Wrap in wax paper and refrigerate overnight.
  7. To serve: Cut the cake into quarters, and then into thin slices 2 to 3 inches long and 1/4-inchwide. You can serve the cake as is, or reheat it in the microwave (the amount of time will depend on the size and power of your microwave.) Start with 10 seconds and then microwave an extra 5 seconds if needed, or resteam it for 4 to 5 minutes.

You can also pan-fry the cake, dipping the cake slices in an egg wash before frying. Use a small amount of oil so that the cake will not taste oily. Heat the oil on medium-high to high heat, then turn the heat down to medium and brown the cake slices briefly on both sides. (Recipe courtesy of Rhonda Parkinson 2001)

Charis Farfalla holds Feng Shui certification through the Western School of Feng Shui, and a Master’s degree in Metaphysics through AIHT. Blending her extensive metaphysical knowledge in her consultation practice, Charis is passionate in her quest of teaching others how to manifest their dreams. For more information, visit http:/

Enchanted Winter Wedding II


Enchanted Wedding II:  The Magic Behind the Event

Weddings are modern day rituals, and they are steeped in tradition and superstition. In planning my own wedding, I combined metaphysics with traditions & superstitions to cover all my bases. Enjoy!:)

Astrological Considerations

In astrology work, we create event charts, called electional charts, to plan the successful evolution of an event, such as a wedding or business opening. In these charts, the astrologer is looking for specific planets and signs that suitably match the intention of the event.

A wedding is about love, compatibility, and longevity. Thus, the planet of love & harmony, Venus, is a focal planet and fixed, solidly rooted, signs are chosen. With the Moon as the symbol of the event, she also weighs in quite heavily.

Planning the Event

We were engaged on New Year’s Day 2015, and fortunately for me, my fiance’ didn’t care about any of the wedding details. This left me with a wide open calendar to peruse, as I searched for the perfect date. I spent many weeks reviewing dates and planetary cycles. I was looking for a combination of ideal astrology, numerology, traditional beliefs, and moon phases that tied in together at one special time. I often wondered if I knew too much because it seemed the more that I knew, the more complicated the choice became. I’m quite certain the Universe laughs at me when I get into this deep Virgo South Node ambivalence. I can hear them saying, “We’ll wait to send her guidance, just to give her a bit of fun analyzing details.” Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

Frustrated, I put the whole business down! As fall rolled around, I started feeling a tugging to get this show on the road! I thought I had found the perfect day, November 23rd, but there was a negative Uranus square to Venus, which could show an abrupt, sudden divorce. Nooooooo. I went over and over the day in my mind. Didn’t feel right. Felt depressing.

I went to bed one night and was guided to get up and review December 21st. My Spirit Guides stepped in! I pulled up a chart for the day. It was Winter Solstice, a waxing moon phase, the planets looked good, the 21st was a good number…hmmm. Could this be it? I went back to bed. First thing the next morning, I got back on my computer and pulled up the chart. Looking more closely, I saw a few problematic areas, but nothing overly detrimental.

And still I couldn’t shake the good vibe I felt about the day. As two water signs, Cancer & Scorpio, we had always imagined a beach wedding, but now plans were evolving…A snowy winter wedding would be beautiful, enchanting AND unique.

A list of positive astrological wedding aspects:

*Moon Sign: Cancer, Taurus, Libra, (Pisces iffy to me)

*Fixed Rising Sign (clock time of event): Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius; 2nd Choice Cardinal Rising Signs: Capricorn, Cancer, Libra (no Aries, too volatile). Fixed shows longevity; cardinal shows focused forward movement.

*Ruler of 1st house (Rising Sign) is in harmonious aspect to ruler of 7th house (Descendant), ex. Taurus Rising Sign, ruler Venus, 7th house Scorpio, ruler Pluto—Venus Trine Pluto

*Venus in Libra or 7th house

*No Scorpio Moon or Venus

*Sun, Moon, Venus, Jupiter above the horizon (houses 7-12)

*Only applicable aspects: Conjunction, Trine, Sextile, Square, Opposition; 2-3degree orb allowable

*Moon in applying aspects only; meaning, the Moon is the fastest moving planet, changing signs every 2.5days.  It will possibly make aspects to other planets as it moves forward, before it changes signs. These are its applying aspects.

*Review Moon’s applying aspects to see the evolution of the marriage

*Final aspect of Moon is positive before going void-of-course (changing sign).

*Harmonious aspects between any: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter

*No Saturn, Uranus, Pluto, Neptune on an angle (1,4,7,10 houses)

*No square or opposing aspects to Saturn from Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter

*Moon waxing phase (2days after new moon through a day before full moon)

*No Venus or Mercury Retrograde.  Venus goes Rx 40days a year and Mercury goes Rx 4 times a year for 21 days each.

*Positive trine and sextile aspects to Chiron

My marriage electional chart:


(for free astrology chart graphs, )



Winter Park, Colorado

Analysis of My Wedding Chart 

Winter Solstice fell 4 days before the Full Moon on Christmas Day; thus, the wedding fell in the waxing Moon phase. The Moon sign is Taurus, which is an excellent grounded, solid, nurturing, prosperous, fertile moon sign. The Ascendant/Rising Sign is also Taurus, which denotes a solid marriage, not vulnerable to the changing winds of time. With Taurus on the Rise, Venus is the ruling planet of this chart. Venus is the planet of love, harmony, relationship, & fertility. She is solidly placed above the horizion in the 7th house. Now, she’s not in the best sign, Scorpio, for her liking, but the 7th house placement takes care of that issue. As ruler of  the Rising Sign, Venus has a loose positive sextile aspect to the 7th house ruler, Pluto. Now, Venus & Sun are both above the horizon, houses 7 and 8 respectively.  Venus is also in harmonious sextile aspect to Jupiter, planet of growth, luck, abundance and expansion. Saturn, Uranus, Neptune & Pluto are all safely tucked away from angular houses. Saturn, planet of time and karma, does not have any difficult aspects. Chiron has positive trine to Venus and sextile to Pluto. Also, the Moon will be positively aspecting Chiron in time. Woohoo! EXCELLENT!!!!

The only 2 problematic areas:

Moon in 1st house/Rising; Moon moving into an applying opposition to Venus. Here’s where I had to make a tough decision. I considered all the wonderful aspects, plus the positive numerological and traditional aspects, and most definitively my Inner Guidance saying “Go for it!” I decided to follow my guidance and settled on December 21st.

The Moon placed in the 1st house Rising Sign shows fluidity and changeability, which may actually keep all that Taurean energy from getting stuck in a rut, incapable of growth. The eventual Moon opposition Venus aspect will also be supported by positive aspects to Mercury and Pluto. Additionally, the after effects of the difficult Venus aspect is a beautiful trine between the Moon and Jupiter. This is the Moon’s final applying aspect before moving void-of-course. Jupiter promises the Venusian woes will not be insurmountable, as this marriage will continue to grow and expand in positive ways.


Additional Magic!

Time: 1:35pm, hands going up on clock (after the half hour) shows positive growth of marriage.  Avoid hands going down.  How many of us marry on the full hour?

Date: December 21, 2015

Numerology: #21 is the Crown of the Magi: success, advancement, honors, rewards, karmic reward.

12/21/2015 Breakdown: 1+2=3, 2+1=3, 2+0+1+5=8, 3+3+8=14: Magnetic Communication through speaking, writing, publishing and all media related matters. Periodic changes beneficial. We are in process of building a global company concerned with teaching, speaking, consulting, writing and publishing.

Monday wedding day is blessed with prosperity. Saturday is absolutely the worst wedding day!

December wedding month sustained love; November and May no good.

Waxing Moon Phase: successful growth of union

Snow on Wedding Day blessed marriage, fertility and prosperity—and yes it DID snow!!!!

Please remember that NO astrology chart is perfect! Even in my *best* date for my marriage, there were some difficulties. I had to weigh these problem areas against the positive aspects and my own intuitive guidance. Would I attempt to gather all these details and schedule this most important event if I were not a professional astrologer? Probably not, but this is the reason I chose to learn electional astrology– because I understood the importance of timing. If you’d like to schedule your own Wedding electional chart, please see my website  under astrological chart:   You will be asked to supply at least 3 dates or 3 months to narrow down the choices.

If you really think about all of the various, different philosophies that  came together at this special time in space, it’s nothing short of a miracle that my Guides sent me to look up this date~

Mystical, Enchanted Blessings,

Charis Farfalla



Enchanted Winter Wedding I

Making the Mystical Empress Wedding Attire

Setting: Snowy Winter Wonderland in Winter Park, CO

Date: Winter Solstice, December 21, 2015

Day of Week: Monday

Time: 1:35pm

Goal: Planning a wedding on a small budget with a 4 week lead time.

“Why such a short notice?” you might ask. Well, you see, I’m an astrologer, a numerologist, a life coach, and a shaman. I take things very magically seriously, like the timing, location, and symbolism of an event. In 12 months time, I had literally found only 2 possible wedding dates that fit my requirements, and they did not “appear” until they were needed.

Throughout the process of designing my dress and planning my wedding, I took meticulous notes and pictures to share with some other lucky fairy princess, in hopes that she might too have the wedding of her dreams! This first blog installation is about designing the wedding attire and flowers. Part II will cover the magical aspects of the wedding, including astrological timing.

The Mystical Empress Enchanted Wedding Dress:

Scanning through pictures on Pinterest, I fell in love with a multi-pastel-colored wedding gown, only problem– I could not find the designer of the dress. The only posted information was on a French blog, (as so often the case on Pinterest). Undaunted, I began collecting pictures ranging from Renaissance, prom, fairy, to traditional wedding. I looked at white, ivory, rainbow, blue, and gray dresses. I created a wedding board on Pinterest and on Ebay. In 2 weeks time, I literally viewed over a thousand dresses, and they were either too small or would take too long to ship to the United States.

After countless musings over the French dress, a wonderful, magical idea came to mind! What if I could water color paint a dress to achieve the same, blended, pastel effect? Newly inspired, I began looking at used, vintage wedding dresses as a base for the wonderful art project that was unfolding!

(the original dress before my butterfly transformation)

I was specifically looking for a silk , lace, or tulle dress with a long train and sleeves to keep me warm. The common wedding dress fabrics, satin and velvet, are considered unlucky, poverty ridden. I found a light, lacy vintage dress; however, I waited to buy it, and it was sold within 2 days! (If you’re ordering a vintage dress, DO NOT wait days to place your order!) Saddened, I continued my search, hours on end, looking for the perfect dress. Finally, I found it in Texas! It was a 1980’s gown, a bit over-the-top, as the 80’s were, with tons of “poof”, lace, and beading. As I looked at the photo’s, I imagined cutting off much of the “fluff”.

If you’ve ever ordered a formal dress, you will know that sizing is almost impossible to determine–and if it’s a used gown, it’s most likely been altered.  Immediately upon arrival, I tried on the dress, and OH NOOO! The zipper WOULD NOT close! I stood in the bathroom crying because I could not figure out what to do. From my vantage point, it seemed like the zipper was about 4 inches too narrow. I literally had 2 weeks to pull this together! I talked to one of my dear friends, who mentioned the corset in the back of her wedding gown. We agreed I should try sewing in a corset. My mind started designing a corset, but thankfully, I decided to search the web to see, if maybe, just maybe, someone else sold pre-made corset inserts. Voila! Someone else was as brilliant as we were and had created corset panels to put in dresses. A very nifty idea—to update an old gown, as well as give yourself more breathing room.

(inserting the corset and cutting off sleeves and top)

As my fiancé and I live together, I had to keep my dress hidden. Thus, I hung a sheet between the dining area and the rest of the home, while I tirelessly worked into the wee hours of the morning.  I studied the design of the dress and decided to remove the entire “top” portion of the dress. (Another advantage of a used dress, you’re more willing to take risks.) By removing the poof sleeves  and top of the dress, the dress became a halter style.   I revamped the sleeves into long sleeve gloves.  I cut out the back zipper and hoped for the best. Working alone, I did not have assistance to help me size the dress, so I pinned it around my body as I hand sewed it. I tried to keep all excess fabric & lace for other wedding related creations. I had no idea where I was headed next!

I poured over flowers and colors, looking for a theme. I wanted blues included because they denote fidelity, honor, and loyalty. I really didn’t want roses, as I felt they’re overdone in weddings. I chose purple Ranunculus meaning: charmed and dazzled by your presence, blue/purple Delphinium meaning: Divinity, Protection, Fun, Joy & Brevity, purple Orchid meaning: feminine strength, sexuality, love, & passion, and blue Campanula/Canterbury Bells, also known as “Venus’ Looking Glass” meaning: everlasting love, humility, delicacy, and affection. Canterbury Bells are also a fairy favorite!

I bundled the flowers together looking for an easy flowing blend, and then I purchased watercolors in the same color tones. The orchid had a touch of peach, which was also picked up in the water colors. We picked out a neck tie and a roll of ribbon that perfectly matched the Ranunuculus purple.  In the days of knights, the knight’s fair lady offered her beloved a token of protection and affection from her wardrobe, and this became what is known today as a boutonniere.

(flowers: orchid, ranunculus, delphinium, campanula)

After the corset was finished, I then sewed elastic arm straps inside my long sleeve gloves. For the sleeve gloves, I also attached pieces of white tulle beneath, to offer the magic of long, flowing, Renaissance sleeves. Finally, I needed straps to hold up the halter top. I couldn’t decide if I wanted the straps to be left bare or cover them in ribbon or lace. I decided sewing painted lace around the elastic straps would look best.

After the sewing was completed, I filled my bathtub with Tide and Epsom Salt. I washed the dress and sleeves to remove dirt and other people’s energies.


(sewing lace on elastic straps and sewing elastic inside sleeve)

Once the dress had dried to dampness, it was time to paint it.  The slight moisture would help magically blend the paints. I used 6 different colors: hot pink, purple, turquoise, peach, light blue, & dark blue. In all of my art projects, I always make sure to do a test run before jumping in. I painted some of my scrap beaded fabric and lace to see how the paints would work. I had no idea if the beads and sequins would “catch” the paint. Fortunately, the paint slid right off, leaving the beads & fabric vibrant and magical!

(watercolor painting the dress)

This was a huge dress to hand paint, as the lace train was long and wide. I decided to paint all the way through the lace and tulle and onto the slip because I wanted the colors to be solidly visible.

As I painted the lace and beaded portions of the dress and sleeves, I varied the colors except around the border of the dress: I used purple and pink exclusively there. I wanted a “framing” effect.   Because of the excessive purple & pink paint, I had to purchase a second set of paints. Next, I painted the tulle flowing down the sides of the dress and under the sleeves. I put my hands in the paints and wiped them onto the tulle, then I put my hands in water to blend the colors so they wouldn’t be blotchy. Afterward, I put hair spray on the sleeves’ tulle and dusted them with glitter.

Once the painting is completed, I recommend that you put your dress in a clothes dryer, on delicate, or take a hair dryer and heat the fabric to set the paint. I forgot to do this step, and I felt some anxiety that the snow would wash away my paints. However, the paint stayed firmly in place. Still, if I had it to do over, I would’ve heated the painted fabric.

While I was waiting for the dress to dry completely, I began designing the floral aspects of the wedding. I gathered all my blossoms and organized them into a flowing color combination. I took a topiary stand, cut it to size and hot glued my flower blossoms around the ball. I took ribbon that matched my fiance’s tie and covered the stick handle of the bouquet. Next, I used painted scrap lace for my fiance’s boutonniere. For both floral arrangements, I made sure to include blossoms as well as buds, indicating love, joy, and blessings continuing to blossom throughout the marriage.

(bouquet, boutonniere)

Next, I cut strands of white cording, doubled them back and hot glued flowers down the cords to give a whispy, fairy-feel to the full skirt. I did not sew these flower cords to the dress, but rather pinned them under the bodice. I wanted to be able to remove them when the dress goes into storage, so the flowers won’t be damaged.   I hot glued flowers to the tops of the sleeve gloves and to the top of the halter bodice. I took a spray of orchids and pinned them to the back of the dress just beneath the corset, again, so I could pull them off the back of the dress while in storage.


Finishing touches~

Hair is DNA essence of people; therefore, I clipped my hair and my fiance’s hair and bound the strands together in a small piece of lace and sewed it to the underside of the dress. This combination ensures longevity.


I wanted to style my hair to blend with the dress, so I used individual flower blossoms and delphinium leaves for hair accessories. I hot glued thin copper jewelry wire behind the flowers and wound them into spiral shapes that could be twisted into my hair.


Tradition holds that a sachet made for the wedding will serve as an eternal reminder of wedding day dreams and happiness. Thus, I used a piece of scrap lace to hold multiple dried flowers that my fiancé had given to me during our courtship. I added other herbs and plants to insure the best things in life: fertility/patchouli, mistletoe/happiness, lavender/peace, health/geranium, longevity/sage, love/rose, luck/violet, money/chamomile, joy/iris, protection/bay, success/clover, strength/thistle, fidelity/crown vetch. Orange blossoms are the top wedding flower, and although I could not find any orange blossoms dried or silk, I put neroli oil on the sachet. It smells divine!

I fully intend to wear this dress as a fairy costume, and I’m already thinking of making the train detachable. I enjoyed this process so much, I may make more magical costumes!

Mystical, Enchanted Blessings,

Charis Farfalla

Supplies: I purchased the dress on EBAY and all other accessories came from Hobby Lobby.




Life Coaching with a Twist!


So you’ve heard the label: “Life Coach”, but what does it mean?

Life Coaching describes a partnership between a client, who desires specific dreams & goals, and a Life Coach, who has achieved mastery in a goal achievement skill set. There are life coaches who specialize, as in career and finance, and there are life coaches who are more general in application. There are also various personality types in life coaching. Some life coaches are achievement driven, aggressive, real “Coach” types. These life coaches, like athletic coaches, push you toward the realization of your goals with aggressive, logic /left brain oriented tools. On the other hand, holistically based life coaches offer softer, receptive/right brain tools that gently guide you toward your goals. Holistic life coach tools may involve intuition, meditation, and other spiritual techniques. Your personality type will determine the type of life coach you ultimately choose.

Who’s a match?

Do not mistakenly think that an aggressive coach will be more effective in helping you reach your goals. If aggressive goal pursuit is not your personal style, you may buckle under the pressure. Also, if you are a very logical, driven, analytical person, a holistic life coach may bore you. Meet with your proposed life coach to see how you fit. Find out their philosophy and approach toward goal achievement. Follow your inner guidance in selection. Remember, “There are many paths to the one full moon.”

With Mystical Empress Quantum Life Coaching, we combine a variety of techniques that applies logic/intuiton/creative/kinesthetic learning processes. While we are focused on achieving your goals and dreams, we do not encourage aggressive pursuit of them. We draw on the receptivity of law of attraction combined with quantum physics exercises to create an energetic matrix ripe for manifestation of your dreams.

People not currently eligible for Mystical Empress’ Quantum Life Coaching:

  • People experiencing severe depression, suicidal tendencies, chronic/life threatening illnesses. Quantum Life Coaching does not attempt to diagnose or treat mental, physical, or emotional illnesses.
  • Quantum Life Coaching does not attempt to prescribe medications for mental, physical or emotional disease.
  • Quantum Life Coaching is not a replacement for licensed doctors or therapists.
  • People unwilling to accept their role in the creation of their personal relationships, situations, reality, (victim mentality)

What is Mystical Empress’ Quantum Life Coaching? The Quantum approach to life coaching adds law of attraction and quantum physics principles to help people creatively manifest their goals.  Our society typically rewards aggressive pursuit of our goals, (which is oftentimes against natural energy flow); however, the Quantum Life Coaching approach helps the client work cooperatively with energy in a receptive, fluid flow. There’s much less physical action expenditure toward goal achievement in the Quantum approach.

Mystical Empress Quantum Life Coaching was designed through Charis Farfalla personal creation of specific quantum physics shift exercises.  These exercises were first tested in Charis’s personal life and then they were carried forward and refined with life coach clients from various walks of life.  These exercises were designed to help shift people beyond current identities and reality paradigms.  The Quantum Life Coaching tools go beyond mass consciousness belief systems and catapult the client into time bending, alternate personalities, and parallel universes where the creation of dreams is not a timely process.  It is a sudden shift of realities. The process is exhilarating, enlightening, and fun!

Mystical Empress’ Quantum Life Coaching can be used by people of various backgrounds, intentions and goals, because it applies non-linear, non-defined energy molding techniques.

The Mystical Empress Quantum Life Coaching approach offers:

  • Initial FREE “Discovery Session” to determine a workable, productive, good “fit”.
  • Reasonably priced Quantum Life Coach packages for adults and pre-adults
  • Years of Metaphysical and Quantum Physics study, application, & refinement
  • Compassionate, non- judgmental understanding of people
  • Ability to pinpoint old, destructive energy patterns
  • Specific plan of action outline, ie “Your Quantum Life Map”, ever-fluid with your changing needs
  • Specific energy shifting techniques and new, empowering lifetime practices
  • Unconditional, gentle, non-pushy guidance toward a new way of life
  • Positive, uplifting feedback throughout the Quantum Life Coaching process

Bottom Line: We are here to help empower our clients and help them to realize their dreams!

All of your creative ability is in the NOW.  Are YOU ready to create a NEW life?  If so, give us a call at: 720.965.0062.  We will be happy to guide you toward the creation of your dreams!.

Quantum Hugs,

Charis Farfalla, Mystical Empress

Forgiving Sharks

Silvertip Sharks3

I’ve been working with an angel healing book.  Last night, I was reading the chapter on forgiveness and letting in the healing color of Love, which is pink.  I had questions about forgiveness, which I then channeled my guides to answer for me. Here they are:

Brenda Renee’, we are deeply appreciative that you will consider these areas of your concern.  Many never do ponder raising their light, much less leaving things on a forgiveness note. We also know that you strive for spiritual evolution in this lifetime. So let us explain this energy of forgiveness. If you were a surfer, riding waves and a shark came and took a bite out of your leg and you reacted with hate/fear/worry about the shark, it would be the same thing as worrying/hating/fearing people. However, if you realized the shark was just carrying out his current level of evolution, then you’d understand him better, feel compassion for him, but you still wouldn’t deliberately put yourself in harm’s way. To think that unconditional love and higher frequencies would make you get in the water, bloody up your leg and call the shark to take a bite, is absurd. Higher frequencies do not cause you to forget lessons learned and wisdom gained. It merely lets everyone off the hook by not holding grudges that only hurt yourself. You’ve lived some atrocities in your life, and no we wouldn’t ever coerce you into going back through those situations with those same people. But as you release the situation to compassion and forgiveness, you relax into the flow of energy. The sharks swim away and don’t come back. As long as you fear, hate, worry about the sharks, they will continue to circle around you as a tasty meal. Anytime a person holds grudges, it literally keeps the offenders tied up in the cells of the person’s body for far longer than they ever should have been. The offenders offered contrast, which is meant to open your eyes to your sloppy creating, and then you are meant to shift your attention to more desired outcomes. Contrast is not meant to make you eat sauerkraut and LOVE it. Contrast says “This is sauerkraut. You didn’t like it the first or second time you ate it. Walk away and choose something better. But don’t stand there looking back at the sauerkraut hating it.”


Cougar or Soulmate?

indian-woman-with-cougar-226x300 painting by Susan Seddon Boulet

Before we begin, let me state what this article is NOT about.  I am not writing about female psychic vampires, or women seeking sex (only) with younger men (adults and minors), or dysfunctional women who enjoy one upmanship power struggles with younger males. Whew!  Now that we have THAT off the table….moving right along…..

And a quick hint: the gender is really irrelevant to this writing: I’ve found this issue among clients of same sex and clients where the male was older than the female.  I chose the “Cougar” title because that’s the most “heated” manifestation of this type of pairing.

Last month a 20- something- year -old college student came in for a psychic reading and asked about her mother’s younger fiancé.  I assured her that all was well. A week ago, this same client brought her mother who was in town visiting.  The mother asked her reading question, by writing it on a slip of paper and sliding it to me: “Is it ok that I’m about to marry my fiance? People are talking.”  It was as if she spoke the words out loud, doom would fall upon us both.  My heart sank for her.  The cards confirmed what I already knew in my heart, and I spoke words of empowerment to this brave soul.  She left with a weight lifted off her shoulders, and I hope she finds this article that is dedicated to her<3

How many people do you know that are truly soul mated?  What I’ve found is that most people don’t have the backbone or stamina to be with a soul mate. And so, they never find one. Everyone thinks they want a soul mate relationship–until they realize the work involved to maintain it.  Let me explain.

Often, people seek psychic readings to find out about their soul mate. They ask:  “Where is he?” “How will I know her when I find her?”  “Is my current partner a soul mate?”  “Can you fight and separate if you’re truly with your soul mate?’ Most people are very confused about soul mates: they do not understand exactly what a soul mate is and what a soul mate relationship entails. Hollywood has romanced us into thinking a soul mate is someone of: similar age, background, & race.  So we think, once we get all those things checked off our list, then we’ve truly found our soul mate and will live eternal bliss!  Sorry folks, that’s seldom the way it works. Soul mates are partners who formed a spiritual contract to help us on our evolving soul’s path.  They come into our lives not so much to create eternal bliss,(but that’s great if it’s the end result; read: end result).  The true purposes of a soul mate are to challenge us to grow AND to challenge society to grow.

Soul mate relationships are often weighted with obstacles, separations, and pain. Why? Because these relationships shine a flood light on our deepest wounds.  Unhealed core aspects that prematurely scabbed over are ripped open to truly heal.  Struggles, ie growth opportunities, come to serve YOU in healing your patterns.  No matter what it may seem like the soul mate is doing to you, they are merely a symbol pointing the way to your ultimate growth.  Because you recognize them from a soul level, you feel them deeply in your heart.  It’s not so simple as just running away from the uncomfortableness.  This is a lifelong connection that stays with you regardless of time, space, or distance.

As a mass consciousness, our species is being pushed, prodded and pulled to understand our true natures.  Our true nature is one of Spirit.  Spirit does not know age, race, or gender. Spirit does not know or care what society deems as acceptable.  Spirit only knows LOVE. Soul mate relationships push that agenda out into the light of cold harsh scrutiny.

I was single for 8 years and during that time I dated different soulmates, who were all younger than me.  I’ve always been a leading edge creator, so flying in opposition to society was nothing new to me.  The surprising factor was the way my closest friends harshly judged me.  At best, they treated me like I had a serious lapse of judgment, and at worst, they treated me like I was a child molestor! Once I became engaged to one of my younger male soulmates, ALL of my close friendships disappeared! Nevermind them, I continued to follow my own conscience and heart.  This is one of the BIGGEST challenges to a soul mate relationship: learning to STOP worrying about what others think!

The age difference between soul mates is quite common: I’ve heard stories of 7, 12, 19, 25 ,and even 30 year age differences.  The age indicates different generational factors coming up in the relationship, hence societal issues and MAJOR opportunities for growth!  Now, older men are seen as victors when they date younger women, so why are older women judged so harshly?

Two recurring issues come up about older women paired with younger men: her declining youthful beauty and the mother principle. The threat of a woman’s loss of beauty is fertile ground for media critique. Men are not diminished with increasing age, while maturing women are notoriously devalued. I’ve watched several comedic skits between older women and their younger mates. One such episode came from SNL. The skit involved then spouses Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, in which Demi was a hunched over, decrepid old woman while Ashton was still in his vibrant youth. Who can forget the culturally iconic, “The Graduate”, in which a mother seduces her daughter’s lover?  I have not seen any similar depictions where the gender roles were reversed.

The mother principle comes up in the female as she’s often past the childbearing age and/or seen as a replacement mother figure to her younger consort. Somehow, society sees the female as either a devouring or grooming influence on her lover’s life, while her older, male counterpart is celebrated as a virile, handsome benefactor to his younger mate.

So now that I’ve exposed the trials of this type of relationship, let me outline the benefits!  These benefits apply to you AND your mate:

  • Exciting new challenges to expand your growth
  • Fresh new perspectives that you’ve never considered
  • Opportunities to break out of your ruts
  • Capacity to lead society away from outdated  beliefs and toward true spiritual understanding
  • Ability to heal your own self esteem issues and  move into true self empowerment
  • Willingness to stand strong in your heart’s knowing
  • Ironically, cougars, or mountain lions, represent reclaiming one’s personal power and using leadership wisely

So now you know that your relationship IS legitimate:)  Why not cuddle up with your lover, pop in “When Stella Got Her Groove Back”, commit to your happiness, and let the haters stew in their own insecurities!! 🙂

Mystical Soul Mate Blessings,

Charis Farfalla

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Pisces: Rescuer, Victim or Mystic?


Recently, I noticed that the bulk of my life coach clients either had Pisces or Neptune prominent in their natal astrology charts. I began reflecting on my own Pisces/Neptune tendencies and revealed a common thread running amongst Piscean personalities:

  • extremely sensitive to energy; psychic, compassionate
  • feeling a need to rescue
  • weak or nonexistent boundaries: difficulty with time/space reality and separation from others
  • refusal to objectively look at the negative side of people and life
  • extremely gifted in creative pursuits and harnessing the imagination
  • deep mystical connection and understanding of Divine Onenes

Astrologically, prominent Pisces and Neptune shows up as: Pisces Sun, Moon, Saturn, Pisces on the cusp of 1,4,7,10 house angles and Neptune conjunct Sun, Moon, or on the 4 chart angles. All of these placements reveal a very Piscean temperament.  Pisces’ ruling planet is Neptune; thus, the energies are interchangeable.

Extremely sensitive to energy; psychic, compassionate

Because Pisces tend to feel everything, it can be difficult for them to let go of unhealthy patterns. They feel everyone’s emotions; they feel environmental energies; they tap into other species and other realms. Thus, my work first involves convincing them that they are not responsible for the world.  This can be extremely difficult for Pisces energy to understand because they feel things so closely that they own what they feel.  They do not understand they are merely filtering the energy surrounding them.

This hypersensitivity to people and the world pushes some Pisces to escape through alcohol, drugs, excessive sleeping, overeating and spacing out.  Escapism is a Neptune by-product and temporarily, yet painfully, numbs reality.

Feeling a need to recue

If the Neptunian person is trapped in a rescuer mentality, they eventually lapse into deep depression because this isn’t their true soul’s intention. Furthermore, the psychological transference of the rescuer role eventually becomes the victim role. The reason behind this negative outcome is that the rescuer disempowers the troubled other party because the rescuer perceives the victim as not capable of owning their creative power.

We are all gifted with the power to consciously, deliberately create our reality. This is what separates us from other earthly life forms. When a well-meaning person comes along and offers to rescue us from our own created reality, it goes against what our soul knows to be the truth of our personal power. A need to rescue may give rise to a Savior complex and a violation of others’ boundaries.  In all rescuer mentalities, I have found the rescuer to have a very strong need to be rescued.  They are merely projecting their own needs onto outside sources.

Weak non-existent boundaries

Due to Pisces nebulous otherworldly connection, they have no concept of healthy boundaries. Additionally, Pisces are typically born into situations where boundaries are nonexistent; thus, they aren’t taught proper boundaries. Instead, they are taught that it is wrong to expect reasonable boundaries. I always associate boundaries with Robert Frost’s quote, “Good fences make good neighbors.” Boundaries define respectful behavior in personal interactions between people and other living entities. We have physical, emotional, sexual and spiritual boundaries. So how do we know each other’s boundaries?

I was recently talking with a Pisces client about her deep seated beliefs. After she spoke a while, she said “But you’re a psychic, you already know all these things about me,” and I replied, “Just because I have the ability to read you does not give me the permission to freely scan your thoughts. That would be a boundary violation.” I’ve noticed psychically gifted people often invade others’ boundaries by keeping an open psychic channel to read them.  While I may get random “hits” of a person’s exaggerated emotional state like extreme happiness or deep depression, I do not actively scan people unless I’m in a work situation where it is consciously allowed and expected.

I’ve often noticed how easily I slip into other people’s mannerisms, word usage and thought patterns.  The closer or more frequent contact with a person, the more difficult it is to make the distinction: “this is you” and “this is me”. When relationships end, I feel a veil lift that puts me purely in my own energy. I’m often astonished how much my thinking changes when a person leaves my life. I’ve come to realize that much of the relationship’s energy exchange was me mirroring that person’s unexpressed internal dialogue. It can be extremely difficult for a Pisces to leave a relationship because they’ve built an entire identity around the other person.

Physical boundaries are instinctively created, so they are the easiest to reveal. Have you ever noticed when someone walks too close to you that your automatic reflex is to move back? Physical boundaries vary in size depending on the person. It’s like we have a huge invisible bubble surrounding our body and only we know when a person has crossed into our bubble. People who touch us inappropriately or physically hurt us are violating a physical boundary and crossing over into physical abuse. Physical boundaries change with age and with context of the relationship. For example, a one-year-old having their diaper changed has a much different boundary than a 10-year-old being viewed naked. When our physical boundary has been repeatedly transgressed, we tend to ignore our instinctual comfort zone.

People who have been physically assaulted or addiction prone have very weak physical boundaries. The clairvoyant psychic can see holes in the aura where the boundaries have been destroyed. Physical boundaries, along with the aura, can be healed once the person accepts their right to say “no”.

Animals understand the need for physical boundaries and will mark territory and defend if vigorously. When animals come into contact with other animals and humans they use specific body language to define themselves and their physical boundaries. A stranger may walk up to a cat and immediately start to pet it. The cat may hiss for the obvious breach of his boundary. The human may scold the cat as disagreeable when they should be learning this lesson in boundaries.

Sexual boundaries are closely akin to physical boundaries with some slight variations. Sexual expression is as natural to the human being as breathing. As toddlers, we begin with innocent sexual exploration that has no agenda. With sexual maturity, we desire sexual stimulation and activities. A child’s sexual boundary is much broader than an adult’s because of their lack of maturity. Hence, the reason we have child protective sexual abuse laws. Adults’ sexual boundaries are determined by a mutual willingness to engage in sexual activity.

At each stage in the human’s developmental cycle, sexual activities change to match the human’s maturity & desire level. Children living in a boundary-less home may be exposed to: parental sexual activity, pornographic materials, direct sexual intrusion from more mature children and adults, and privacy violations in the natural exploration of their bodies.

Even in this age of “political correctness”, we still have many sexual boundary violations. Most people think a sexual violation involves sexual violence. They do not understand that trash talking about women and men may be a sexual boundary violation. With the explosion of internet dating, much of the adult dating world is littered with sexual boundary violations. Many people use texts and videos to broadcast their sexual availability. When they bombard unseeking, disinterested people with blatant sexual content, they are violating the person’s sexual boundary.

Emotional boundaries define appropriate dialogue between people. Most people understand how to be nice to others. There is an internal soul mechanism that alerts us when we are not following our Inner Guidance toward harmonious interactions. We state our emotional boundaries by the way we allow other people to treat us. If we were raised in an environment that discouraged boundaries, we were taught that we were being “mean” by stating what felt good and bad to us. We were taught to allow others to treat us in any way they chose. We were also taught that other peoples’ needs were more important than our own. Thus, we lose touch with our own feelings and needs. We become hyper aware of what others feel and mold our behavior to please them.

Continual sniping, unconstructive criticism, derogatory, dishonest, betrayal and invasive questioning behavior create a toxic atmosphere of emotional abuse. This type of abuse can be more damaging to the psyche than physical violations because they are not as easily defined. The child receiving this perpetual emotional violation comes to expect and create it with other people.

Regardless of religious preference, we all have spiritual boundaries. A spiritual boundary respects our individual relationship with a higher power. A spiritual boundary allows a person to choose what that relationship is or is not. To guilt, condemn, or frighten a person into a particular spiritual philosophy or religion is a violation of a spiritual boundary. I have religious clients that ask me what my spiritual background is to ensure their personal security. I also have clients who adamantly refuse to talk in any religious context. I honor both sides and adjust my language to match their needs.

The unwillingness to psychically separate from a person physically, mentally, or emotionally is a breach of boundaries to Self and others –even when a relationship is ongoing. This over attachment becomes a parasitical relationship that is unhealthy for the parasite and the host.  We are each born as separate individuals who must learn how to effectively navigate earthly life. This navigation is not concerned with over attachment to other people. Obviously, a small child would require a more constant psychic connection with their parents than a teenager or an adult child. Again, we must look at the context of the evolving relationship and maturity levels of the people involved.

With all this talk about boundaries, we need to briefly review psychic vampires; they do indeed exist. A psychic vampire does not honor physical, emotional, sexual, or spiritual boundaries. The interaction is not a healthy give and take expression. The psychic vampire’s primary focus is to absorb as much of your energy as they possibly can to fulfill themselves. Following an interaction with a psychic vampire, you may feel nervous, violated, depressed, angry or anxious. Most psychic vampires are unaware of what they’re doing. However, I have come across people who have told me that they like to “feed” off other people’s energy!  Again, pay attention to how you feel after interactions with people.  If you feel bad each time you intermingle, it may be time to change the company you keep!

Refusal to objectively look at the negative side of people and life

The Neptunian personality, with its ethereal, mystical qualities, prefers to see people and life through beautiful, rose colored, unscarred glasses. It’s the proverbial “ostrich with its head in the sand” solution. They believe what they don’t know can’t possibly hurt them. The Neptune person chooses to ignore unwanted aspects. By ignoring negative, we are not giving this contrast the consideration necessary to shift to a new version. Because I am a teacher of Law of Attraction, I do not advocate harping on negatives; however, I have come to realize that the negative does serve a positive purpose. The key to negativity is to briefly, honestly observe it and then use it as a springboard to focus in the direction of a positive outcome. When we courageously investigate negative manifestations, we understand that we created them and then we can make effort to focus in a new direction.

I recently had a Neptunian personality who thought she had found her perfect soulmate. She had decided that he would be the missing link in her unrealized career dreams. A lover of antiques, she wanted to handle estate sales of wealthy clients. In her new lover, she found a guy who’s mother had been deeply involved in estate sales. So, my client took this as proof that they were meant to be together. Now, for the facts of the situation: this guy was estranged from his wife, had a very traumatic relationship with his mother, and was exhibiting gay tendencies. I pointed all of this out to my client, including, “Do you really think he’d want to be in the same business that his mother was in, knowing that he’d be constantly reminded of painful memories? Do you want him to associate you with his mother?” She was bewildered by my perception and held fast to her dream.

Extremely gifted in creative pursuits and harnessing the imagination

Pisces make beautifully talented artists because they have the purity to tap into higher realms. The most famous works of art are not of this world. They come from another place outside normal human consciousness. In their natural artistic proclivity, Pisces personalities are able to straddle their brain hemispheres and conjoin logic with intuition.

The imagination is actually a purely psychic phenomenon. By consciously directing their imaginations, Pisces are able to tune into other realms, other beings, alternate realities, and alternate versions of self. The imagination, not logic, is our greatest problem solving mechanism.

With their proclivity toward imaginal realms, Pisces temperaments are imbued with a natural magical wand. They are quite adept at creating any dream they can imagine, but they must be willing to acknowledge the negative, harsh, undesirable aspects of their realities and perceptions, first.

Deep mystical connection and understanding of Divine Oneness

The spiritual world is difficult to define and difficult to possess. Likewise, Pisces experiences a vague nebulousness about reality. The Pisces personality lives between realms and feels quite at home in “tween” realities. In addition, Pisces feels their eternal connection to Source energy. They understand that alone-ness is impossible. They know things that the other signs do not innately understand. Thus, Pisces is a superb teacher of enlightenment and mystical experiences.    The Pisces can teach others of their eternal, invisible connection to Source.

11751929_737171019728569_7901442706375100664_n photo courtesy: Pisces Model Kayla Pardue

Innately, Pisces understands the laws of the Universe. This knowing gives them a very deep understanding of Divine and all of its energetic manifestations. It is the Pisces’/Neptunian’s soul growth lesson to shine a light on the path of Oneness and serve as an example of soulful connection. As the Pisces moves into their true spiritual path, they:

  • learn energy shielding and aura cleansing techniques
  • spend alone time, especially near water, to process and recharge
  • journal thoughts and feelings for clarification
  • develop SELF love predominantly, define personal boundaries, and walk away from abuse
  • refuse to escape reality through numbing agents
  • grant others the gift of discovering their personal empowerment
  • determine if relationships and activities add true, healthy value in their lives
  • allow their creativity and imagination to work for them not against them
  • disavow rescue tendencies and interference in other’s soul path experiences
  • serve as spiritual guide in other peoples’ spiritual journeys

Mystical Blessings, Pisces,

Charis Farfalla

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Exploring the Psychic World


“I am very drawn to spirituality and metaphysics. I really want to learn more. Any suggestions?”

If you’re brand new to these topics and looking to discover your innate talents—I suggest Sonia Choquette’s The Psychic Pathway book. This workbook covers many metaphysical areas that helps you to try on different divining tools and see which one is a comfortable fit for you. Sonia also has a wonderful book, Diary of a Psychic, which is an autobiography of her life.

One of my greatest metaphysical teachers has been Linda Goodman. ALL of her books are applicable to your studies. Star Signs was my very first metaphysical book! It is a magical book that will exhilarate you with possibilities!

My personal friend, Ted Andrews, was also a pioneer in metaphysics. My favorites of his titles:How to See and Read the Aura, Animal Speak, Animal Wise, Enchantment of the Fairy Realm, Simplified Magic, Healing with Color, & You the Healer.

Astrology has always been my first love. The best beginner’s book is Joanne Woolfolk’s The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need. You will need to get a copy of your astrology natal chart to understand the book. Go to and calculate a free natal chart.  Another fabulous tool for learning your astrology chart is Monte Farber’s Karma Cards. I know, the name is misleading, but the deck is divided into 3 sets of cards: planets, signs, and houses. You can lay the cards out to complete a sentence about your astrology chart placements.

Speaking of card decks, I’ve owned numerous decks, simply because I’ve bought so many decks that I did not resonate with and then passed them on to others. When you find a store that displays opened “demo” decks, take advantage of this gift! Go through the cards you find resonance with, hold them, view the images, and notice how you feel about them. Negative or indecisive feelings mean: don’t spend your money on that deck. I strongly advise serious beginner students to start with a Rider Waite deck, (Universal Waite is the most attractive). Why? Because it is the standard tarot deck and most books and tarot websites use Rider Waite depictions. While you’re learning, the Rider Waite version will be the easiest to work with; otherwise, your mind will be jumbled learning card symbolism PLUS transferring images to the Rider Waite equivalent. Simplicity in learning is my motto. Tarot Plain and Simple by Anthony Louis lists all of the possible tarot card keywords. Don’t get caught up in a particular spread style. Take a risk and create your own spread! I do a 4 card spread that reads as a story. My spreads do not necessarily tell past/present/future because my focus is not on predictions, (see more below). I’ve worked with the Celtic Cross spread in the past, I found it to be overkill. Again, I prefer simplicity 🙂

My favorite decks, thus far, have been: Robin Wood Tarot deck, Sulamith Wolfing Lover’s Oracle, (Sulamith was a fantastic German artist who connected to the angel and fairy realm), Inner Child deck, (full of fairy tale depictions), Universal Waite deck, OSHO deck, Karma Cards, Doreen Virtue’s Romance Angel deck, (these come with their own cherubim love angels; you’ll feel them!), Doreen Virtue’s Goddess Guidance Oracle cards, Jamie Sams’ Medicine Cards, and Linda Goodman’s Star Sign deck.

Feng Shui is another one of my tools that I work with simply because our environments are so intertwined in our dream manifestations. Feng Shui involves two main schools of thought: compass and form School. I was certified in form school. Lillian Too’s feng shui books are hands down the best books because she maintains the integrity of the Eastern culture. She combines compass and form school philosophies. The Western Guide to Feng Shui by Tara Kathryn Collins is based in form school and very user-friendly. I received certification through her Western School of Feng Shui.

A word on religious and philosophical thought:I work with religious clients who feel safe knowing that my work has a strong spiritual basis; however, I also have clients who do not desire any religious or spiritual references in our work.

For me, spirituality is a way of life based on values and personal character. My path began with an exploration of the world religions and various branches of Christianity. I now rest without religion, content in the knowing that ALL is divine because energy permeates all things. It is impossibe to ever find separation from Divine. If you would like to broaden your spiritual perspective, some recommended reading: Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now, any Neville Goddard book, Abraham Hicks’ Ask and It Is Given and Getting in the Vortex, (with excellent meditation CD), books by Joseph Campbell, and for the scientifically minded student, read the deep channeled concepts of Jane Roberts in Seth Speaks and Nature of Personal Reality.

While much of my spirituality & psychic phenomenon have been intuitively understood; I did appreciate a solid scientific explanation as discussd in the quantum physics movies: “What the Bleep” and “What the Bleep? Down the Rabbit Hole Quantum Edition”.

If money is currently tight, take advantage of your local library. Many of these recommendations will be found there.

Above all, trust your Inner Guidance to lead you toward your natural gifts and preferred learning method. If a particular teacher or subject feels “off” to you, move away from it. In the beginning, I was very hungry for knowledge and looking for a guide; I found myself in some very dangerous psychic territory. Power-hungry people are drawn to these arts; trust your instincts!

I received a call from a new student who said she had considered studying her innate psychic gifts but was warned by her potential teacher that she would need to encounter “scary things”.  I’m grateful that she trusted her intuition and passed on that particular teacher. I cannot imagine uncovering scary things– unless you’re dabbling in darker energies that are better left alone.

Mystical Empress offers workshops and private classes to clients.  Please go to workshops and classes section on website.

What is your experience & background in this work?

I began a serious pursuit of metaphysics at the age of 17. I was passionately consumed with the desire to know more, mainly to understand myself better. I lived in the South, right on the cusp of the internet explosion, so, much of my learning was self-taught through devouring as many metaphysical books as I could find. Much of my passion was kept secret because as word eventually got out, I was accused of being a “devil worshiper”.

As I learned my own astrology natal chart, I found a packed 8th house and knowledge of being a High Priestess in Atlantis and Greece. Although I was adopted, I found that my maternal grandmother was born on an Oklahoma Cherokee reservation. I’ve uncovered many past lives in this work, and I suspect that I have a long line of gifted ancestors.

I followed my natural bliss excelling in the divining tools of astrology, tarot, feng shui, automatic writing channeling and psychology. I received my Feng Shui Certification through the Western School of Feng Shui and then went on to achieve my Masters degree in Metaphysics, following Sonia Choquette’s lead. I will most likely complete my Doctorate degree, also.

For 16 years, I’ve worked with clients seeking direction in their lives. I’ve created multiple, unique services that apply Law of Attraction and quantum physics principles.

I’m not understanding what a life coach does? What’s the difference in personal classes and life coaching?

My clients come to me from all walks of life: interior decorators, business owners, yoga teachers, psychics, school teachers, writers, students, married couples, teenagers, accountants, artists… among others. They arrive feeling stuck or confused in their lives. They seek powerful, positive new direction. Through discussion, I discover what their dreams are; what they wish to achieve in their lives. I then offer self-empowering guidance and specific quantum physics and law of attraction exercises that teach my clients how to shift direction and direct their personal energy toward their true intentions. We learn to stop unconsciously directing energy toward unwanted outcomes.

Oftentimes, a client begins as a private student and then evolves into a life coaching client.  Private classes teach you how to learn your innate psychic skills and deepen your awareness of energy fields. Life Coaching works toward manifesting a specific personal goal or dream. Life Coaching often begins with an obstacle or problem in your current life experiences.  I do include psychic skills in the life coaching process.  Oftentimes, a client begins as a private student and then evolves into a life coaching client.

I’ve never had a psychic reading before.  Do you have any suggestions?

I strongly suggest that you trust your instincts in choosing a psychic. We each have our specialized skills and approaches to readings. I personally do not perform predictive readings. The only moment that matters to me is NOW because this is where your creative power exists. My entire purpose in my work is to empower people to deliberately create their lives as they desire– from this moment forward. I‘ve found that when a person is told of a future possible reality, they stop deliberately creating what they choose that future to be. I do not choose to etch my clients’ destiny in stone; rather, I intend to be the Guide who lights their way!

In addition, I advise that you calm your mind and center yourself before your reading. I get hysterical clients, and their energy makes it difficult to get a pure reading on the topic. Also, chaotic energy creates obstacles that separate you from your desired outcome and make you closed off from solutions.

Before your session, cleanse your aura with any of the following:

  • Smudge your entire body, front and back with Sacred Sage or Frankincense/Myrrh
  • Bathe with Epson/sea salts
  • Wash your face, arms and legs in baking powder, (aluminum free)

I’m fascinated with psychic readings, but I’m terrified I’ll be told I’m going to die! What if the “Death” card comes up in the reading?

.I find this to be the biggest concern of newbies to psychic readings. First, as with all professions, there are people who stand in integrity and there are those who do not. Research your reader. Do they feel good to you? Do they feel dramatic and sensational in their approach? A responsible reader wouldn’t ever give you a death prediction,(even IF they could see it)! A quality reader empowers you; they do not terrify you and make you feel powerless.  My concern is that the client would be so terrified of the prediction that they’d attract a negative episode following the reading.

You must understand that a reading is ever only a snapshot in time. It’s like going to the doctor for a blood pressure test. You wouldn’t get hung up on one blood pressure reading, would you? Your doctor would advise you on how to shift the reading for a better outcome. Psychic readings show possible outcomes based on the energy field you are currently carrying. There are many possible paths in any single life. If the current possible outcome isn’t to your liking, you simply shift the energy path you’re on. In my readings, I gently guide clients with energy shifting tools. In my work, the guidance offered is more important than the actual card reading.

The “Death” card is about major change coming into your life. Doors are closing; endings are taking place. I liken this card to a rose bush that is in desperate need of pruning. The bush has lots of deadwood, (things that no longer promote growth), and by pruning away the deadwood, we see an upsurge of new growth, which always follows the death card. Personally, I love knowing that I’m not stuck in a rut and that my life is moving forward! Don’t you?

What is your approach to psychic readings?

Readings are a tool to determine a client’s current energy field. This field reveals a possible set of outcomes. If these outcomes are undesirable, no problem, we shift them!

I offer 3 types of readings:

Tarot Card Readings: I pull from three decks, a blend of oracle and tarot card sets for each reading. The variety of cards gives me a big picture of the client’s current energy field. If the reading shows unwanted energies, I guide my client with quantum energy shifting techniques.

Automatic Writing Readings: through automatic writing, I channel your guides, angels, higher self, and ancestors to receive higher level, uniquely personal, information for clients. These readings are like love notes from the higher realm. They offer powerful guidance because no earthly human knows you as well as your Higher Self.

Astrology Chart Readings: I review the birth, transits, and progressed astrology chart trends for specific energy patterns to answer client questions.

My psychic skills give me the ability to accurately read the energy around my client. I am an adept at molding energy toward specific manifestation. Therefore, I give my clients an accurate picture of their current energy and then I offer specific, quantum energy molding techniques to help them create their intentions. My readings shift energy. My clients often speak of the shift they feel during our reading sessions. 🙂

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Have fun in your studies,

Charis Farfalla